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The terms “squint” and “strabismus” used to describe when the eyes are not directed in the same direction. To put it another way, a person’s looking eye might not lock onto the object. The patient’s second eye may turn inward, outward, upward, or downward when looking straight ahead.

This alignment issue could be sporadic or ongoing. Squinting is typically observed in children, though it can also happen in adults. The majority of squints that occur in young children may caused by poor vision. Adults treated differently from children because they generally develop squints as a result of secondary events including trauma, brain lesions, extended computer use, etc.

Adults often have diplopia or double vision, while children who squint often learn to block out the image from the offending eye.

Treatments and surgeries for squinting

Most often, a squint treated by:

  • If your child squints because of longsightedness or another vision problem, glasses might be able to help.
  • The ability of the eyes to work together can occasionally enhanced by exercises for the muscles that control eye movement, such as eye exercises.
  • Surgery – with this operation, the ocular muscles manipulated to appropriately align the eyes. It might be advisable if glasses by themselves are ineffective.
  • Ocular muscle injections make them weaker, which can help with better eye alignment. However, this effect frequently only lasts a few months.
  • If your youngster squints, you might need to start by taking care of their lazy eye.
  • The healthy eye is typically covered with a patch as part of the therapy for lazy eye in order to improve the vision of the affected eye.

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