Stabilization Of Marriage Improves The Obesity And Health Of Men

Marriage Improves The Obesity And Health Of Men

Marital relationship affects health.

Studies have shown that men who are “improving” their marriage have better weight, blood pressure, and cholesterol levels than men who are “deteriorating.” Counseling for couples can have positive health consequences, he said.

Married people tend to be better than single people.

Family relationships in marriage have a significant impact on men’s health.

The research team tracked and investigated cardiovascular and other risks in 620 married fathers who participated in the study.

Studies have told that married people tend to be healthier than singles, but few studies have examined how the health of married people is affected by family relationships.

Most studies focus on one point in marriage, and this is the first study to continue investigating the potential effects of the passage of time.

When the child was three years old, the fathers who participated in the study were evaluated for their family relationships by completing a 12-item questionnaire that examined the intimate relationships between parents and children. I answered the questionnaire again when my child was nine years old.

The research team evaluated the relationship between the participants’ couples and families as “consistently good,” “consistently bad,” “improving,” or “deteriorating.” In addition, a health checkup was conducted from 2011 to 2013 to evaluate blood pressure, resting heart rate, blood fat mass, and fasting blood glucose levels.

When the couple’s relationship “improves,” the test value is good.

As a result, the LDL cholesterol level of fathers evaluated as having “improved” marital relationships decreased by 4.5 mg / dL on average, and BMI decreased by 1. Total cholesterol levels decreased by 4.3 mg / dL, and diastolic blood pressure decreased by 2.24 mmHg.

On the other hand, fathers whose marital relationship was evaluated as “deteriorating” had an average increase in diastolic blood pressure of 2.74 mmHg.

A good marriage has been shown to improve health, especially in men. Marriage is influenced by social and economic conditions and socio-psychological mechanisms.

Less change was seen in men who were judged to be “consistently good” or “consistently bad.” The researcher thinks that this may be because men are “adapting” to such situations over time.

Women generally have large social networks, such as in communities outside the workplace, and are good at social interaction without relying on partners. Men benefit from this. I’m often not good at it.

This study is observational and cannot conclude that a good marriage improves men’s health. The researchers added many unclear points about the long-term effects, as many of the participants were young men. Vilitra 40 and Cenforce 150  to get their energy back as in young men age.

However, when considering the causal relationship between marriage and health, For couples with poor connections, consulting with a marriage counselor to work on problem-solving can improve psychological well-being. There are many health benefits of improving a couple’s relationship.

It will not be easy to pay close attention to the health and safety of the whole family.

Even if you think that you are paying attention to lifestyle habits such as eating, exercising, resting, and sleeping, there are unexpected risks in your daily life.

For men, the degree of obesity of a woman living with them is a significant factor in knowing the risk of developing obesity and type 2 diabetes. If you find that your spouse is obese, change your weight. You should be aware, of course, your body weight index is the most influential factor in the development of diabetes.

Families can easily share lifestyle habits, such as eating habits. When doctors determine a patient’s risk of type 2 diabetes, they often ask the question, “Are parents or siblings diabetic? This is because genetic parts play an important role in the evolution of type 2 diabetes.

Known risk parts for type 2 diabetes include lack of exercise, unhealthy diet, obesity, and family history (genetic factors), but how couples men and women share lifestyles such as diet and Vilitra 20 to improve physical health. It is not well known if it is. If one of the couples lives unhealthy, it can affect the other.

Current treatments for diabetes are becoming more individualized. In type 2 diabetes, the lifestyle of the individual patient is often emphasized, but such an approach can miss the patient’s social network. Many people with diabetes are part of the family and need to pay close attention to the family environment.

Many people say one or three years, but some are shorter, and others are longer. There is no definition for the period of newlyweds, so after all, if they think they are “newlyweds,” they are always in the period of newlyweds.

And in order to be a love-loving couple, even after the newlyweds, it is essential to remember respect and gratitude. Both are embarrassing and may not be easily communicated to the other party, but emails, phone calls, and letters are also acceptable. Don’t forget to convey your honest feelings to the other person in your way.


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