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Yoga Asanas to Boost Your Immune System

The origins of yoga date back to the Vedic era, when yogis learned and practiced the philosophy behind the human mind, body, and soul....

The Vital Postures To Learn in Yoga

Yoga is an old order from India. It is also both otherworldly and physical. It utilizes breathing methods, exercise, and contemplation. Yoga is an otherworldly...

How To Practice Non-Violence – Ahimsa?

Children are often taught that hurting others is not good. In Bible, it is taught: Love thy neighbor as thyself". In yoga, the whole...

Benefits Of Mudras For Female Energy

Mudras are those hand gestures that are practiced while doing meditation or while practicing an asana. You can utilize them for connecting with yourself...

Dimensions of Pranayama

What is Pranayama? There are eight parts of yoga, of which the fourth part is Pranayama. The word Pranayama is formed from the Prana +...

Pain in Asanas: What a Yoga teacher should know

Yoga is beneficial to your health. This is something that scholars, academics, specialists, and long-lived, stable yogis have all agreed on. Some doctors are...
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