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Test Tube Baby and IVF

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Test Tube Baby in Pakistan

Test tube baby in Pakistan is known as treatment for infertility different than In vitro fertilization (IVF). Many people are unaware of both the treatments hence, the confusion. This article explains test tube baby in Pakistan and deals with the controversies and misconceptions surrounding the procedure.

Test Tube Baby and IVF

The history of test tube babies go back to 1970s when the first test tube baby of the world was born. Test tube is a laboratory tool made up of glass similar to glass beakers but comparatively small in size, in a cylindrical shape. Test tube baby in Pakistan is assumed to be fertilised in these tubes whereas, reality is different. Since the introduction of this treatment, petri dishes are used for the purpose of fertilisation and not test tubes.

As mentioned earlier, people assume that IVF and Test tube baby are different procedures but to their surprise, they both are exactly same techniques used to assist couples in reproducing when they are struggling to conceive naturally. There is actually no difference between the two, but only the lack of awareness about infertility and its treatments.

Procedure of Test Tube Baby in Pakistan

The procedure adopted to conceive a test tube baby is as follow:

  1. For the purpose of multiple chances, female is induced with hormones for superovulation so, her body produces more eggs than usual.
  2. At a specified time, the eggs are retrieved from her body through a surgical procedure.
  3. The eggs retrieved are combined with sperm obtained from male partner in culture medium.
  4. In the culture medium, the sperm fertilizes the eggs on its own.
  5. When the eggs are fertilised, they are monitored till they develop into embryos.
  6. Once the eggs develop into embryo, the most healthiest embryos are transplanted to the female’ uterus. More than one embryo are transplanted back to reduce the chances of failed attempt.
  7. After about two weeks, blood test is taken to determine whether or not conception has taken place.

Concerns about Test Tube Baby in Pakistan

A lot of people have their concerns and reservations about test tube baby in Pakistan. Mostly, these concerns and reservations have no strong basis and they are just an outcome of lack of awareness. People are stubborn in what they believe about a certain thing, therefore refuse to look beyond the lens.

Most people are concerned about the health and risks associated with test tube babies. In fact, when the treatment was first introduced, scientists believed that it will have its set of risks and complications which will impact the health and life of such babies. However, all of these concerns proved wrong as today over 11 million test tube babies are present worldwide, living life as normal human babies.

People have specific ethical and religious concerns about test tube baby in Pakistan. Little do they know, IVF/test tube baby is religiously legalized if the sperm and eggs being used are of married partners. Furthermore, this excludes the possibility of using donor egg/sperm in Pakistan.

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