The 2 Fitness Machines That I Blend Into My WFH Routine

rowing machine

The 2 Fitness Machines That I Blend Into My WFH Routine

When I first started working from home, I suddenly struggled to get my daily steps in and stay up with my fitness routines. I was sleeping late, working late, and barely moving from my workstation. At the end of of the day, my steps were extremely low and I quickly started to feel sluggish.

I was really missing out on exerting the energy I needed to get out and, because of it, it was affecting my physical and mental health. I felt really low and had no idea what to do about it because I didn’t realize what I was doing (or the lack thereof).

And then it donned on me how I had strayed from my workout routines so drastically. I thought about the last time I actually completed a workout and started figuring out the amount of steps I was missing out on now that I was working from home. I was basically staying still all day while sitting down and it was embarrassing to think about how little energy I was using on a day-to-day basis.

So I kicked things into action and started to think about how I can set up a fitness routine that meshes with my work from home schedule. I had some free weights in storage that I dug out, so I was good there, but I needed to address my cardio and how I could give myself an intense, full-body workout.

I realized I could accomplish this with two machines which I purchased and setup in my home.

(1) The Rowing Machine

I have always loved the rowing machine and, when I used to go to the gym, would always use it. I loved how enjoyable it was to use, how it strengthened just about every muscle in your body, and the actual workout itself.

I purchased a nice rowing machine for myself and have been using it ever since. I love the muscle it’s allowed me to build in my upper body as well as the strength it’s given me in my legs. Bonus: I now feel comfortable in a boat and can’t wait to actually go rowing.

(2) The Indoor Spin Bike

I really needed to address my cardio and I thought the indoor spin bike would be the best bet because of what you can do with it. I’ve started doing my own long distance runs, but also have been following quick spin classes I find online.

It is the best way to really get a good sweat on and allows me to exert some negative energy when I need to. You can’t beat a good session on the indoor bike.

So, to wrap up:

My advice to those people who are new or experienced at working from home is to take a good look at your schedule and see if you’ve been getting enough exercise. You can do major harm to your mental and physical health if you don’t log off at certain times to do other things.

Working out is a great way to escape the work around you and become more mindful in your day to day routine. After finding the best mattress and pillow to sleep with, the type of exercise equipment you purchase might be the most important money you ever spend. Put on some music, jump on the indoor bike or rowing machine and get away from it. You’ll be able to go back to it with a fresh perspective and a recharged mind.

Many people are failing to get the amount of exercise they need and it’s going to negatively affect how they are feeling, especially if done for an extended period of time. Get ahead of things by figuring out a healthy routine that will help you prosper while you work from home!


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