You are not alone, if cellulite irks you. Many treatment options exist for reducing the appearance of cellulite, or getting rid of it all together.  Several treatments exist nowadays, so one cannot know exactly what works.

Research studies on dermatology have been conducted in this regard by dermatologists. Researchers have found that there are treatments that can reduce the appearance of cellulite — at least temporarily. Here’s what’s going down.

Based on research, the leading results were achieved

Therapy with acoustic waves

In conclusion: Researchers discovered that this could help reduce the look of cellulite. A reduction is only possible through several treatment sessions.

Laser treatment

Cellulite is dealt with using a wide range of laser treatments. With Cellulaze, a tiny laser fiber is infused beneath your skin during one of the minute intrusive laser treatments.

 Lasers work by breaking up the stiff bands underneath the skin, which are responsible for cellulite. Also, this procedure thickens your skin in an important way. Cellulite causes thinning of the skin. Cellulite can be reduced by thickening the skin.

Vain Fully Vain

Bottom line:  Cellulaze may lessen  the display of cellulite. A year or longer after surgery, patients see results that last.  A more in-depth study will have to be done in order to determine how useful this laser will be.

Cellulite has been reduced in some patients with other laser treatments. Results are usually sustained for about 6 months, but some dimpling may come back after that.


Called Cellfina, which is a medical process that engages your dermatologist inbedding a needle barely below the skin in order to break up the hard bands underneath the skin that induces us to view the  cellulite.

Conclusion: Cellfina reduces the skin dimples typical of cellulite. 

98% of the 232 patients surveyed felt satisfied with the outcome of the study. The effects last for 2 years or maybe  longer.

Vacuum-assisted actual tissue release

This also dismantle the solid bands that compels us to observe cellulite. Your dermatologist will slice the hard bands with a device that contains small blades. The tissue begins to expand upward after the bands are cut to eliminate dimples.

The Crux-  The cellulite may be reduced using this treatment. Three years after receiving the treatment in a modest study, outpatients who received it reported less cellulite. Yet to be determined, but the effects might be longer-lasting.

Final Thought

You do not have to go through all of this. There is an easier and safer way to remove cellulite. It is called Cellulite Reduction, it is a non-surgical, non-invasive technique. We here at Vain Fully Vain offer this outstanding service. Reach out to us so we administer this procedure to minimize the visual effects of cellulite.


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