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The Coronavirus Pandemic Relief Program

Coronavirus Pandemic Relief Program

The Coronavirus Pandemic Relief Programs: Rays of Hope

In unprecedented times that we pass through these days, it is a no-brainer to worry and stay anxious. It is only human to think about it even if we are part of the first line of defense – the doctors, nurses, and healthcare workforce. However, the purpose of this article is to offer assistance in case one of us feels isolated or faces the lack of support more often than not.

Now that we know what the virus is capable of, we got to be more careful. It is set to cause damage to any human in its path. Fortunately, Pakistan is one of the few countries where COVID-19 reaps havoc in a controlled state as compared to some of the developed countries like the US, France, or Italy where it has done much damage.

Some of the experts say that life will change forever after the dark clouds of this pandemic recede.

Coming back to present, when out and about for groceries during the lockdown, the usual precautionary measures – such as facemask, covering mouth while coughing or sneezing, and keeping a 3-foot distance from the other person – do just fine. When will all this be over? People are taking cues in guessing, but no one knows the exact date for sure.

Amidst all the panic, some organizations have come up as vanguards to let the world know that they are not alone in this. Corona pandemic relief programs are in effect through numerous channels.

It’s Time to Be Charitable

When we experience distress at a time that isn’t in anyone’s control, we are craving for some closure. Some of us achieve that by praying, while some of us experience serenity through charity. We may not give away a fortune to those in need, however, just a small amount from our hard-earned cash does the trick both in this world and the hereafter.

COVID-19 relief cell by is one of the legitimate programs out there doing services for those who deserve relief the most. The band with organizations like Akhuwat, Ehsaas, Justajoo, and Banyan is to realize their relief efforts on the ground. An initiative like this compels us to donate or help out in any way possible because it is time to stand united against coronavirus.

Who is Deserving? Who is Not?

The question may have come to the minds of many of us. Before we even begin to act on the generous option, we think about their credibility as someone who truly deserves our help or not. Selly helping to fight the corona pandemic illuminates the needy for generous donors out there – who want to be part of a noble act. It is like leveling up water for the crow to drink from the vessel – a story we heard as kids – rhythmically applies to this situation.

Simply knowing the answer to these questions would put our souls to peace. And, when we know for sure, the joy inside us will be a sight to see. Coronavirus pandemic relief program gives out answers to those pressing questions that have been part of our thinking process for years.

The deserving never ask for help because it is not the way they roll. To find out such people who cannot ask for help in such desperate times is the real win over COVID-19.

Daily Wagers are Out of Work

Muslims keep on searching for the true purpose of their existence until they finally do. It is to spread love through existing means, one of the ways to interpret it, I believe. That means we don’t have to own a million dollars to donate, volunteer, or identify areas in need of help. What we need is to believe in ourselves, set foot on the chosen path, and trust in the Mightiest of the mighty kings to take us through it safely.

Corona pandemic relief programs are rays of hope for daily wagers because they are getting all the essentials through them. Now that the Prime Minister, Imran Khan, does everything in his power to financially support these workers, we have a couple of private organizations following in his footsteps.

That’s some relief for people with blue-collar jobs (e.g. mazdur, who have manual work to do)

What About the White-Collar?

The corona pandemic relief programs especially benefit the white-collar who are suddenly out of jobs with nowhere to turn to for their daily household needs. Such programs assist people who have nothing to lose but everything to gain with supplies, medicine, and ration at their doorsteps.

If you know someone who needs help right away, please use the helpline or visit, the doorway to the COVID-19 charity program. It is not simply a promotion but a call to help those in need.

What Do We Get Out of This?

When the world has no clue what to do of this virus, we must be asking this question, where did we go wrong? That’s right, and the answer lies inside us. The conscience speaks in favor of or against our current mode of life. If it speaks against it, we should find ways to change them or replace them with what our conscience allows. This is time to rethink and revisit the set principles on which we are living our lives.

Why does the most powerful country in the world remain without a cure?

The United States of America is also made of people, and we as people, are not equipped to face natural disasters, let alone disasters of this scale.

Therefore, it is time to connect with a superior being. Even when we get out of this confusing situation, we should take a trip down memory lane to feel what we felt back then, the spiritual spark in us that wanted us to connect with someone stronger than human beings – with someone who is The All-Knowing, the All-Aware. That’s true, it is time to reel Him into our lives whether we like it or not.

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