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The Interplay Between Massage Therapy and Low Blood Pressure

by HauteHealingOasis
Massage Therapy

Massage can help cure low blood pressure which is a prominent risk factor for heart disease. According to some studies, availing of regular massage sessions from the best massage therapist may restore a vital part of the nervous system accountable for involuntary responses to stressful situations. Despite the inadequate amount of research on hypertension and massage, some evidence reflects that availing of massage sessions can help keep blood pressure under control. This write-up will delve into some scientific evidence that endorses massage for its healing ability especially when it comes to low blood pressure. It will also illustrate reasons that endorse the idea of visiting an advanced center for hydro massage therapy in Stamford or a certified holistic wellness spa.

What Science Sas To Say?

Studies have reflected that different categories of massage could help cure low blood pressure, but some findings have different takes on that. Also, it is still not clear how long the effects would last and whether massage can be treated as a long-term strategy for managing blood pressure.

What About The Relief Duration?

Most research on blood pressure and massage only paid attention to effects in the short term. It is still unclear how long the benefits last for most people. A 2018 trial of a small group of females suffering from pre-hypertension found that their blood pressure improved shortly after taking the massage session. And its effect lasted for as long as 4 days. Some research also suggests that regular messages can take a major toll on hypertension and extremely low blood pressure.

Can Massage Regulate Low Blood Pressure?

Advanced massage techniques like hydro massage might actually regulate low blood pressure.  A soothing massage session is not only an impactful relaxation technique but is also a viable tool against rising blood pressure. It helps regulate the nervous system, which gives a spike in blood pressure in response to distress situations. Therefore, adding massage to the daily routine is the best way to keep blood pressure in check. Regulating blood pressure sets the stage for a healthy lifestyle.

Massage Therapy

You should be able to acknowledge and differentiate the different types of massages. While professional sports massages increase the pressure, deep-tissue massage therapy in combination with essential oils can help cure hypertension. It is important to visit the best massage therapist to maximize the benefits of massage.

Tips To Fix Soaring Blood Pressure

There are plenty of options for treating hypertension. While some people do need to rely on prescribed medication to curb rising blood pressure, some lifestyle amendments can help. Some of these include;

  • Adhering to a heart-supportive diet (getting plenty of veggies and fruits and limiting salt consumption)
  • Sticking to a workout routine
  • Ensuring apt weight management
  • Minimizing intake of alcoholic beverages
  • Quitting cigarettes


It is clear from the above that the massage could be the best bet for those suffering from unregulated blood pressure. Apart from healing rising and low blood pressure, regular massage can let you alleviate body stress and mental fatigue. It is a good idea to visit a certified holistic wellness spa or advanced massage center in Stamford to avail of maximum benefits.

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