The Issues Caused By Alcoholism In Teenagers

that he is an alcoholic during support group meeting

The excess of alcoholism and excessive drinking and its dependency is not only a problem that is related to adults, and this problem affects a good number of teenagers too. There is a significant number of teenagers and adults who are between the age of 12 and 20 and have the habit of excessive alcoholism and even smoking. They are, in fact, at the stage of needing help from addiction treatment facilities.

The average age of youngsters trying a sip of alcohol is 11, and this is the time when they basically start to experiment with their drinking habits and even make them frequent. The minimum average age from which teenagers start frequent alcoholism is 15 years.

Children or even teenagers who start drinking at an age less than 15 years or even 15 are more dependent on alcohol. The probability of developing dependence in them is four times more than the dependence of people who start drinking at 21.

Early alcoholism habits in teenagers also result in antisocial activities. Violence and other activities tend to increase with the consumption of alcohol. There are several million people around the globe that are prone to serious alcoholism, and they need someone to support their way out of it.

The three major causes of early death are automobile crashes, suicides, and homicides. Alcohol is the most common reason behind all three of these causes.

While drinking is a problem that is personally related to the person itself, there are many causes that drag a person toward alcohol. A few of these causes are peer pressures, experimentations, and even sensation-seeking impulsiveness.

Alcoholism and related habits tend to show an upper graph during the age of adolescence and even the peak adulthood age (18-22). This alcohol-related habit decreases gradually as the age of the person increases. The persons who are regular alcohol users are at risk of contracting problems that may lead to low concentration power, and they also show difficulty in attaining their goals and even find it difficult to handle serious issues.

Excessive alcoholism gives rise to serious mental disorders such as:

  1. The alcoholic person may get depression.
  2. The person may suffer from anxiety.
  3. The person may also get the oppositional defiant disorder.
  4. They also undergo antisocial personality disorder.

Alcohol at times forces the individual to make hasty decisions, such as suicide and even planning and attempting antisocial activities. Research only suggests that these behaviors are correlated with each other and with alcohol intake.

Lack of parental guidance and lack of parental support is also a common reason why teenagers turn toward excessive alcoholism. Harsh hostility and even inconsistent behavior toward their children may also put teenagers toward alcohol-related habits. These factors significantly increase the alcoholic-related problems in children and teenagers even.

Peer pressure can also be the most noticeable reason for drinking habits. People tend to drink after seeing that their friends and other people with them also drink. Other people influence the person’s mind and cause a change in his own attitude.

Parents should guide teenagers and tell the difference between good and bad, and they should guide students toward morally correct things and habits.


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