The right way, benefits, and precautions to do Mayurasana

The right way, benefits, and precautions to do Mayurasana yoga
The right way, benefits, and precautions to do Mayurasana yoga

There are many postures of yoga, among them, Mayurasana is a major pose. It can protect your body from many diseases. It helps you with stomach-related problems, Mayurasana is a word derived from the Sanskrit language, which is made up of two words. In this, the first word “Mayur” means “peacock” and the second word “asana” means “posture”. In this posture, your position resembles that of a peacock. It is as if a peacock is sitting with its wings spread.

According to Hindu scriptures, a peacock is a symbol of love and immortality. Mayurasana has many benefits, but this pose is difficult, but after regular practice of this asana, you can do it easily. In this mudra, all the weight of your body is on both your hands.

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Let us know about the ways of doing Mayurasana, its benefits, and precautions.

Benefits of doing Mayurasana:

  • Yoga is considered the identity of our culture since ancient times, Many types of health problems can be overcome through yoga, Evidence of this is also found in many literary texts. Similarly, the health benefits of Mayurasana are also very high, By using Mayurasana regularly, detoxifies the body, By which the body can be saved from problems like tumors and fever. If you also want to keep your life healthy and safe, then you can include Mayurasana in your daily life.
  • This is such a yoga, which helps in getting many health benefits. The health benefits of Mayur posture also include keeping the digestive system healthy. Studies show that it makes the digestive organs healthy in people who do peacock posture, Apart from this, doing peacock posture promotes blood circulation in the abdomen. Due to which the body helps in strengthening the stomach and its internal system. If your digestive system is weak, you can strengthen it with the help of Mayurasana.
  • Mayurasana is not less than any treatment for people who have diabetes problems, It is believed that doing Mayurasana regularly can regulate the blood sugar level in the body, This is because our body spends extra energy while doing Mayurasana, As a result of which the fat and blood glucose present in the body are used, thereby controlling the level of blood sugar, Apart from this, the benefits of Mayurasana are also known to reduce the symptoms of piles.
  • This yoga is considered very beneficial for men with a lack of fertility and Mayurasana is also beneficial for women, it can help reduce the symptoms of menstruation and menopause when women do Mayurasana regularly, In addition, it can improve sexual activity. So that you can take advantage of your sex life.
  • To strengthen the bones, do Mayurasana, this asana helps in strengthening the shoulders, elbows, wrists, and spine. If you also want to strengthen your bones, then regularly you can include Mayurasana as a regular exercise.
  • Doing Mayurasana regularly keeps your body healthy externally and it can also activate and stimulate your internal organs.

Doing Mayurasana regularly activates your pancreas, stomach, liver, spleen, kidneys, and intestines. By which your body can become healthy and strong.

Method of doing Mayurasana:

  • To do Mayurasana, first of all, sit on your knees by laying a mat in a clean place.
  • Place your hands on the ground, in which you have to keep the finger of your hand towards your feet.
  • Keep your feet close and both knees far apart.
  • There should be both your hands between both knees.
  • After this, set the elbow of your hand well on your stomach, in this both the elbows will be right and left of your navel.
  • After this, straighten both your legs by spreading them backward.
  • Now tilt your body forward and slowly try to bring full body weight on both your hands.
  • Keep your body up by balancing on both hands, in this only your hands will be attached to the ground and your whole body will be in the air.
  • You can stay in this posture for a long time according to your capacity.
  • To come back to your starting position, bring your feet down on the ground.

(Important Notes):

Generally, Mayurasana is forbidden to those people who are suffering from the problem of high blood pressure. Patients of TB i.e. tuberculosis should also not do Mayurasana. People suffering from heart disease or heart diseases should also not do Mayurasana. People suffering from ulcer and hernia disease should also avoid doing asana.


  • Do this asana on an empty stomach, for you do this after keeping your stomach and intestines empty for at least 4 to 6 hours.
  • It is more beneficial to do this asana in the morning. If you are not able to do this asana in the morning, then you can do it in the evening also.
  •  Pregnant women should not do Mayurasana.
  • If you have problems with high blood pressure, heart disease, hernia, peptic ulcer, etc., then you should not do this asana.
  • You experience any kind of pain in this pose, then definitely consult a yoga trainer.

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