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Things To Consider Before Choosing Hair Transplant Doctor in Delhi NCR

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Things To Consider Before Choosing Hair Transplant Doctor in Delhi NCR

Neither the term hair loss nor the term hair transplant is unfamiliar these days. There is enough literature and information available online to read about the same. To quickly summarize, permanent baldness largely occurs due to interplay of one or more of the three following issues:

  1. ageing,
  2. genetics and
  3. hormonal issues.

Temporary hair loss could be due to underlying medical condition but it is reversible, so once the underlying ailment is treated, the hair loss could be reversed. The psychological, social and professional impact of baldness are already well established and It could really drag the patient down.

Hence, over the years, people have dealt with it in their own ways. Traditional methods include hair wigs, medicines etc were used in the past, then prosthetic hair came into fashion, however, none of these could offer permanent relief from hair loss. Additionally, all of these offered poor aesthetics.

The only permanent treatment option available is called as hair transplant. It is fairly popular treatment in Delhi NCR and hair transplant in Delhi is witnessing a huge spurt with more and more centres coming up. Hair transplant is a minimally invasive day care surgery where your doctor transplants hair follicles from donor area in your body or on head to bald area on the scalp or body. It is often performed using one of the two techniques namely FUT technique (Strip method) or FUE technique. The doctor or the surgeon has a crucial role not only in the success of the surgery but also in the safety and aesthetics of the result. Hence everyone intends to look for the best hair transplant doctor in Delhi.

Additionally, hair transplant is quite affordable also if one compares the cost to the West or developed nations, for a similar quality procedure, the cost in Inia would be only about 1/3rd or 1/4th of the cost in the West. Hence a lot of international patients also prefer to travel to Delhi or Jaipur and prefer to be treated with a few established clinics there. One such preferred name is of Medispa Hair transplant clinic in Delhi and Jaipur.

Below we elaborate a few things to help you choose the best hair transplant doctor in Delhi:

  1. Patient Feedback: The first thing these days, that most patients do is to verify the reviews or ratings of any doctor. This should also be the starting point of finding a hair transplant surgeon. Do extensive due diligence to find a reputed surgeon who is established and try to verify the results of his/her surgeries by contacting past patients or watching live videos of the surgery or verifying past patient’s gallery.
  2. Experience: Nothing beats experience when it comes to ability to handle wide variety of cases and do effective treatment planning. A good doctor understands that each case is unique and to avail great results it has to be dealt with a personalised treatment plan. A good doctor makes you understand the procedure and explain the limitations in advance to set the right expectations.
  3. Academic Profile of the doctor: A doctor who is super specialist MCh is expected to have much more subject knowledge and academic specialisation.
  4. Accreditation to relevant authority or boards: These distinguish ethical medical practitioners from quacks. Hence always verify the accreditation, licence or registration number of the doctor
  5. Focus on quality: hair transplant in Delhi has seen a number of commercial centres coming up with drumbeats of cheapest cost or mega discounts. Please understand it is a surgical procedure and not apparel purchase. Hence, please focus on quality of treatment along with affordability. Otherwise, the results at such centres could be terrible and lead to severe complications.
  6. Leveraging technology: A good surgeon would always upgrade and educate himself/herself about latest advancements in the field that could help him deliver better results and enhance patient safety. So, a surgeon working with state of the art infrastructure, practising more than one techniques, pioneering new methods or procedures to enhance the results should be a preferred choice.
  7. Part of corporate chain or clinic owner: A good doctor may or may not have his own clinic. However, owning a clinic helps big time in the fact that you can directly verify the credentials or reputation of the surgeon who will treat you. Whereas in corporate clinics, marketing will be in the name of the brand and not the doctor.

In Delhi, the premier clinic is Medispa Hair transplant clinic which is owned by world famed hair transplant surgeon Dr. Suneet Soni. He is a super specialized plastic surgeon who regularly treats several celebrities and VIPs.

Medispa has performed over 5000 plus surgeries with phenomenal results. Dr. Suneet Soni has aced the use of PRP (bio-stimulation) therapy along with combination technique for advanced hair loss cases. Dr. Suneet Soni is an international awardee, invited faculty member of International Society for hair restoration surgery (USA) who has authored several papers and has been a pioneer of combination technique in India.

If you are also looking for an authentic yet affordable high quality hair transplant, do not hesitate to consult once with Medispa Hair transplant clinic.

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