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Three things you can make with evil in Little Alchemy 2

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When people think of evil, the first thing that comes to mind is usually one of these villains from movies or games. However, there’s also another definition of evil, which refers to something bad or undesirable. In Little Alchemy 2, there are certain ingredients that don’t result in items you’d want to use. The following are three things you can make with evil in Little Alchemy 2.


One: Turn evil into an animal

Because, who hasn’t wanted to use their powers for good? Turns out that if you turn some evil into an animal it will actually decrease your sin and raise your virtue. The two animals that are really helpful for curing all of your sins? The dog and cat. Depending on how strong your sin is, a single one of these creatures will completely eliminate it from your record, letting you continue mixing without a care in the world. When an animal is created using two specific materials, like fire and water for example, it will automatically be born as a level three creature! Want to get rid of all of those heavy sins at once? Mix up some good old’ white sheep to create a wolf!

Two: Turn evil into a fish

You need a fish and something that represents badness. A good example is an alligator, because it’s icky, scary and dangerous. Turn your evil into a gator and then mix it with something that represents goodness to turn them into something positive: evil in little alchemy 2 a fish! This only works when making things from nature, like animals or fruit. The resulting product will be weaker than what you started out with. So if you wanted to transform some weakling doves into fierce eagles, remember that they won’t have quite as much strength anymore.


Three: Turn evil into a vampire

Using a double amount of evil, you can create one vampire. Vampires are cool and all, but they aren’t great for your health. After creating one, your health will decrease and it will take some time before it reaches normal levels again. Use them to your advantage or let them be – they’re a lot of fun either way! But just as a warning: Vampires may bite someone else if they get too close to them!


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