Tips to Deal with Sensitivity Post Teeth Whitening Treatment

teeth sensitivity after whitening

No doubt that teeth whitening process is really safe. However, most patients report claiming that they face sensitivity post treatment. Fortunately, it happens only for a short period of time and you have numerous steps to deal with sensitivity after teeth whitening. Continue reading this blog to have an idea about them.  

Reasons of sensitivity after whitening

While a number of reasons are there for experiencing sensitivity post teeth whitening treatment. Some of them are here:

  • Temporarily whitening gel makes the enamel highly permeable. It exposes the soft dentin containing dental nerves.
  • Many teeth whitening trays exert pressure on teeth which is why they become temporarily sensitive.
  • Bleaching gel causes sensitivity and irritation to the gum whenever they are exposed.

Steps you should take before teeth whitening

Many preventive measures are there to take before whitening treatment for minimising the sensitivity afterwards. Some of them are here for your reference:

  • Brush with desensitising toothpaste-Start using desensitising toothpaste 10 days prior to the process. It will block the pain signals from reaching to the internal nerves. Let it be there on the teeth for some minutes before you rinse it for achieving maximum efficiency.
  • Application of desensitising gel-You should start it before the treatment. Just apply and leave it on teeth for instructed time followed by rinsing with water.
  • Taking pain medication-Before whitening process, take OTC pain medication like ibuprofen for minimising the discomfort and sensitivity afterwards. You can have the medication even after completion of the treatment to manage the prolonging sensitivity.

Steps to follow post whitening treatment

By following below steps you can lower down the intensity and duration of teeth sensitivity:

  • Refrain from having cold and hot drinks and foods- Initially, the teeth will remain highly sensitive. So you should not consume cold and hot beverages and food. You can opt for normal temperature drinks and foods.
  • Don’t have acidic drinks and foods- Such foods and drinks cause mouth irritation increasing the severity of sensitivity you encounter.
  • Continue the use of desensitizing toothpaste-Application of desensitizing gel or brushing the teeth with the same enable you to cope up with the sensitivity.
  • Brush gently- Brush using soft-bristled tooth brush and rinsing using lukewarm water   can minimise the sensitivity.
  • Using fluoride products- Using mouthwashes and toothpastes rich in fluoride help is remineralising the teeth blocking the pain signals to reach the oral nerves.
  • Drink by a straw-Use straw to drink anything post whitening treatment. It will resist the teeth from coming into direct contact with the liquid which lessens the discomfort.  

Professional treatment minimises sensitivity

The most important point is to avoid the use of OTC whitening agents. They comprise of generic trays which never fit the mouth contours properly. As a result, your gums subject with the bleaching gel. It enhances the sensitivity post treatment.

But professional cosmetic dentist has various at-home and in-office whitening methods. Using them they can offer efficient results minimising sensitivity. By fitting the contours snugly the treatments resist its exposure to gums. Moreover, the dental professional will supervise the process ensuring the use of right whitening gel concentration.

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