Tips to make shifting during COVID-19 safe

Tips to make shifting during COVID-19 safe

To make your household shifting safe during the COVID-19 pandemic, it is necessary to take some precautionary measures. Here, are a few tips to ensure that you are safe after home relocation even in these stressful times.

Tricks to make shifting during COVID-19 safe

Safe Zone

Shifting needs a lot of research especially in times of coronavirus pandemic. Check before you shift, that your place doesn’t fall in the containment zone or anywhere near it. If so, then it may have an adverse effect on your health and could become a serious issue while moving. Thorough research can help you find the area that is safe to move or has a lesser risk factor. Analyze the density of coronavirus cases in the area, after that move to a place that is relatively in a safe zone. You can follow precautionary measures there.

GO Digital

In the Pre-COVID-19 situation, it was easier to take a home tour but now as the situation has changed so drastically, things have changed. Now doing a virtual home survey is the call of the moment. You can take a virtual home tour through video calls and discuss the details over the phone. As the great emphasis is given on following social distancing, this is the best way to avoid the transmission of deadly viruses.

You can ask the landlord to help with the virtual tour and complete the agreement papers digitally. Try to carry out the meetings through video or phone calls to clear your doubts. You can also ask the service provider to send documents related to terms and conditions digitally and use the digital mode of transactions. During these meetings make sure you get a clear idea about the cancellation policies. Before the meeting keep all the points ready to ask the concerned person and avoid calling them again and again.

Professional packers and movers are also using such technologies to make your house relocation safer, easier, and stress-free.

Disinfect and deep clean

It is essential that you disinfect your house before packers and movers come in to shift your items. Remember to carry out thorough sanitization and other precautionary measures to protect others as well as yourself. Make sure these measures are followed on both ends. Ensure your new destination is thoroughly sanitized after deep cleaning just like you have done your old one. This will provide a safe environment and make it a risk-free zone for you and the packers and movers coming to shift your belongings.

Professional moving company send their teams fully prepared with masks, gloves, and sanitizing sprays still you should do your part to make your surroundings safe. Try to sanitize all the possible threat areas such as handles, doorknobs, furniture, utensils, lights, windows, switches, etc.

Maintain social distancing at all times

Make sure to maintain a six feet distance between the workers and yourself while loading, packing, and unloading during the coronavirus times. It will be best if you could pack things up partially and leave things to be packed completely by the professionals. This way you won’t have to be in the same room while packing and won’t have to worry about them missing the item.

Wash and sanitize your masks, gloves, and even face shields throughout the process of relocation. Try and keep children and elderly people in a separate room as they are at higher risk of catching the infection. Pay extra attention to the kids during the whole relocation process as they can sneak out under your nose. Keep your house well-ventilated by opening all the doors and windows of your house. Washing hands in regular intervals goes without saying and also ask the packing and moving service providers to follow the same during the household shifting.

Hire responsible packers and movers

It never harms one to be extra cautious. Double-check your packing and moving service providing company if they are following precautionary measures while home relocation. You never know how and when you would contract the deadly coronavirus. It can come from anywhere, either through surfaces or from an infected person. Some may have it but won’t know until its’ too late.

Check the ratings and talk to the relocation expert who will tell you all about the precautionary measures being followed by the professional packers and movers. Make inquiries as to whether the team is following all the safety measures such as wearing sanitize gloves and masks, running temperature check of all the staff attending the shift, etc. They must also sanitize their kits during the shifting of your household items.

Talk to your packing and moving service providers if they are eligible to shift your items to certain localities and societies. As some of the societies started following restrictions post-COVID-19 scenario. Also, make inquiries as to how many people are allowed to enter the premises of the society. So, you may have to work with 3-4 professionals rather than 6-7 during the shifting in certain colonies.

Safe disposal

Apart from all the above-mentioned points, don’t forget to disinfect your new place before unpacking your items. Use sanitizing wipes to wipe and disinfect the furniture and other items before setting them in their places. Make sure to dispose of all the packing materials such as cardboard, packing paper, fillers, etc. in an isolated area where any person won’t chance contracting an infection from them. This has been suggested by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. It will be better if you can leave it on the unused balcony before disposing of them.

Disinfect the area before and after unpacking your items. Spray any good disinfectant in every corner. Hiring professional packers and movers is just the first step to having a safe move to your new destination. Following the restriction guidelines established by the government on the outbreak of COVID-19, it is necessary to follow them. If you follow the tips mentioned above you can have a safe household shifting.

Hire responsible packing and moving services and follow all the guidelines to keep your family and yourself protected during the shift in this phase of Pandemic.


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