Tips to Prevent Mosquitoes from Getting in the House

Prevent Mosquitoes

Mosquitoes are one of the nastiest of creatures to roam on earth. Won’t you agree? They come and go as they pleasing biting, buzzing, and laying eggs in their wake. They are not just irritating but also harmful. You must know some tips to prevent mosquitoes.

India, being a tropical country enjoys their presence in full blast giving it record-breaking numbers for mosquito-borne diseases every year. If you live in India, you must know more about it. The pest control company in Hinjewadi, Pune suggests that mosquito-borne diseases rise in numbers just after monsoon rains. Without any proper care or protection, no man is safe.

Ways to Prevent Mosquitoes from coming in

Don’t let them Enter

First and foremost, you must allow these little pests to enter your house. If they don’t enter, they won’t be able to bite you. For this, you may have to take proper care and precautions. Closing all the windows and doors as soon as evening strikes. If possible getting nets for the windows and doors will be very helpful. You can keep them open and enjoy the evening breeze while keeping the pests away.

For any open spaces in the doors or outlets, you can stick the door strips to fix them. Also, in the evening burning certain incense can keep them from entering the house and you can enjoy a quiet evening.

Put a full stop to their Breeding

Now you might be thinking about how you can stop them from breeding. After all, it’s a natural process. Lol! Mosquitoes happen to lay their eggs wherever they find stagnant water. It’s in such places that the eggs lay undisturbed and later grow to become adult mosquitoes that come and bite you.

You might be surprised that there can be more than hundreds of eggs laid in one small bowl of stagnant water and as they grow you may have to fight them all. Now that you get the picture, you may understand it not to be such a great picture. It is, for this reason, you will have to put a stop to their breeding.

Remove all the possibilities where they may lay their eggs. Can, potted plants, AC outlets, garden holes, tires, broken toys, etc. should be removed from the premises. Don’t allow the water to pool around the areas and you will see that the mosquito attacks quite to a level. Even within the house, you can check for the areas where these pests can breed and multiply. Maintaining hygiene at home can help you tackle this problem.

Moreover, don’t forget to check your neighborhood. The clogged and open drainage is good for the mosquitoes to breed. You may have to call a pest exterminator to take care of these areas.

Using Mosquito Repellent

Naturally, you can get good mosquito repellents. You may not have heard about it all this while and this may come as a surprise for you. Even if there are many mosquito repellents available in the market, it is suggested that you get hold of certain natural ones. This way, you can keep these pests away even when you can’t use the chemical ones. They are nothing but mosquito repelling plants. Yes, they would not only add beauty to the space but also keep the pests at bay.

You will find that citronella, basil, tulsi, marigold, lemongrass, mint, catnip, etc. help you keep the mosquitoes away. These plants will help purify the air in the house and help you get rid of them to some extent.

Lemon and Clove

You may have seen many youtube videos on this simple method of keeping mosquitoes away. All you need to do is keeping clove on one half of the lemon. Insert the 3-4 cloves in one part of the lemon and place them in the corners. This is said to work and many people vouch for this method. It also helps when you have babies at home and want to protect them from unwanted guests.


Chemical repellents may not suit everyone. Especially those with breathing troubles will want to stay away from them at all costs. One thing that you can do at home for mild mosquito infestation is to prepare garlic sprays. Crush a few garlic cloves and bring them to boil in a pan with water. once it cools down, use a spray bottle to spray it in the corners.

Spray it by the windows and doors, on the indoor plants and corners. This will put a stop to the mosquitoes coming from outside and prevent mosquitoes. The pungent smell is very effective for this purpose, and you will find them leaving the premises as soon as they get the scent.


If you don’t allow them to come in, you won’t have to look for ways to take them out. Out of all, try and get pest control services in Pune for an annual visit so that the neighborhood mosquitoes font come in to irritate you every once in a while.

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