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To remove anger and stress, do Garbhasana yoga and know its benefits

by arti kanwar
To remove anger and stress, do Garbhasana yoga and know its benefits

People have become so busy in today’s daily routine that from food to lifestyle, the way of life has changed. We have started consuming more outside things, due to which our body has started increasing the risk of diseases like cholesterol and diabetes, due to which stress and anger are increasing among people. Along with this, many diseases are also going on inside us. The problem of sleep and restlessness is also being seen in people. To avoid this, you are advised to do yoga and meditation. This keeps your mind and body calm. At the same time, you focus your attention on new and good things and also start keeping good food. Today we are going to tell you about one such yoga posture, with the help of which you can reduce your anger and stress. For this, you can take the help of Garbhasana Yoga. You get many benefits from this. As the name suggests, you have to make your body in the shape of a womb. Also, the body remains flexible. Let us tell you in detail about its benefits and how to practice it.

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Benefits of Garbhasan yoga pose:

  • Beneficial for Women

Garbhasana yoga is especially beneficial for women. This stretches the abdominal muscles, which provides relief from pain and discomfort during menstruation. With its help, many disorders related to the uterus can be overcome. However, before doing this yoga posture during pregnancy, the advice of a doctor or expert must be taken.

  • Relieves Digestive Problems

As we have already told you that in this yoga asana, the abdominal muscles get stretched and the gastric gland also works properly. With the help of this exercise, you do not have the problem of constipation and gas in the stomach. Along with this, the digestive system also works properly and hunger is also felt.

  • Reduce Anger and Stress

If you are very angry or you are often under stress, then you will get many benefits from the practice of Garbhasana. Additionally, it will help you to concentrate and calm your mind. Apart from this, the balance of your body also gets correct.

  • Effective in increasing blood circulation

In this yoga posture, all the parts of your body are participating in one way or the other. Due to this, the blood circulation of the body increases, and the supply of oxygen in the body remains good. And it does not increase body weight either.

  • Enhance skin glow

With the help of this yoga asana, your face also gets glow and glow. Actually, with the help of this exercise, the blood circulation remains correct, so due to this, there is ample circulation of blood and oxygen in your skin as well. Due to this, your skin appears glowing.

  • Make the arms and spine strong

In this yoga asana, both your arms and legs are strengthened. This stretches the muscles of your arms and legs, due to which they become stronger. In addition, it strengthens the spine and gives them flexibility.

How to do Garbhaasan:

  • To do this yoga asana, sit on a mat.
  • First of all, bend both legs and sit in the posture of Padmasana.
  • After this, by trapping your hands between the thigh and calf, take it out till the elbows and raise both the knees upwards while bending both the elbows.
  • During this, keeping the body balanced, hold both the ears with both hands.
  • Put the entire weight of the body on the lower part of the waist.
  • Try to stay in this position for two minutes. Slowly return to your starting position.
  • You can practice this yoga for five minutes every day.

Important tips related to Garbhasana practice:

  • Before the practice of this asana, you can practice Tulasan or Kukkatasana to balance the body for two-three weeks.
  • This yoga asana should be done on an empty stomach and try to wear loose clothes during the practice.
  • If your hand does not reach the ear while doing Garbhasana, then instead of forcing it, join hands in Namaskar Mudra.
  • Try to do this exercise under the supervision of an expert.

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  • Do not do this yoga in case of any wound or pain below the waist or on the hip.
  • Do not do this exercise even if there is pain in the knees and back.
  • If you are suffering from the problem of high blood pressure, then avoid its use.
  • Pregnant women should not do this asana without medical advice.
  • During Garbhasana yoga, apply power according to your capacity or else damage can happen.

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