Top Advantages of FUE Hair Transplant


Hair loss isn’t a major problem to your self-image. There are several ways you can use to reverse hair loss. First, you can apply topical remedies that can help stop or reverse hair loss. But in most cases, the methods are not sustainable. Pu can choose an FUE hair transplant for a permanent hair loss solution. 

The best hair transplants are a bit costly. However, the results are worth every penny. Many people need only one hair transplant session to solve their hair loss problem. You could have about two hair transplant sessions if the hair loss were at an advanced stage,

There are several advantages of FUE hair transplant. However, here we will focus on the top advantages. Here’s what you can benefit fr FUE hair transplant. 

It’s Permanent

FUE hair transplant is a permanent hair loss solution. Once the grafts are transplanted to the treatment area, they will produce hair until your old age. The new follicles are harvested from an area that is resistant to hair loss. They carry the traits to their new home. Thus, you will never lose the transplanted hair. 

It Improves your Appearance

Hair loss wreaks havoc on your appearance. Some people start to look older than their actual age. Also, it makes your facial features non-proportional when the hairline begins to recede. Thus, you restore your youthful look when you fix the hair loss using an FUE hair transplant. 

It Boosts Your Confidence

Hair loss can cause you to have low self-esteem. Once you restore your youthful look, you feel more confident about yourself. 

It’s Cost Efficient

FUE hair transplant is expensive. It would help if you planned well for the transplant. Sadly, no insurance will cover the cost. Thus, you foot the bills from your pocket; but it’s a one-off budget. Unlike other temporary hair loss solutions that you need to repeat for a lifetime, you only pay for a hair transplant once. In the end, it becomes the cheapest hair loss solution. 

High Success rate

The success rate of FUE hair transplants is at least 80%. The number of hair grafts that fail to grow hair is negligible. Also, the doctors transplant with 20% extra grafts to cover the grafts that fail to regrow. 

Low Chances of Risks and Complications

FUE hair transplant patient is the donor and the recipient of hair grafts. Thus, there are no chances of cross infections from foreign donors. Also, the tools used are sterilized. Therefore, you can’t get infections from the hair transplant tools.

The risks and side effects are minimal. All you need is a qualified doctor to handle your case. The common side effects are mild and manageable. Serious side effects are also infrequent. 

Quick Recovery Time

A hair transplant will only leave you with micro pricks on your scalp. Thus, the recovery time is low. The scalp will only need about a week to recover fully. You can return to your daily work the following day after the FUE hair transplant. Hair regrowth, on the other hand, will take a few months.

No Theatre Anxiety

Hair transplant happens at the doctor’s office. Thus, you won’t suffer from theatre anxiety. 

No Surgery Scars

FUE hair transplant involves harvesting one graft at a time. Thus, you won’t have a linear scar as a result of the surgery. It makes it the most desirable method of transplant. 

Little to no Pain

FUE hair transplant happens under local anesthesia. There is relatively no pain during the transplant. Also, it involves some micro-incisions. Thus, the patient will only feel some prickling on the scalp. Therefore, the process is considered painless. 

No Long Term Medication

After a hair transplant surgery, you must take home some medication. Every patient needs some pain relievers and some antibiotics. The pain relievers should relieve you of any pain once the effect of anesthesia wears off. The antibiotics, on the other hand, prevent you from 

High Graft Survival Rate

FUE hair transplant has a high graft survival rate. After each graft is harvested, it is dipped in a solution that helps to preserve its quality. Due to the careful selection, extraction, and preservation, the graft survival rate is high. It even raises the transplant success rate to over 90%.

Minimally Invasive

FUE hair transplant does not involve opening the scalp or creating any wounds. It’s only needles that make incisions on the scalp. Thus, the process is not invasive. 

Fuller and Thicker Hair

FUE hair transplant gives you thicker and fuller hair. The new follicles on the treatment hair produce thick and healthy hair. Thus, it will cover the areas with thinning hair. In the end, you get natural and thick hair on your scalp. 


The best hair transplant corrects your image. FUE hair transplant is the best hair transplant method in the market. Also, it has several advantages over FUT hair transplant. The greatest and visible advantage is that it leaves you with no linear scar on your scalp. Also, it offers a wide selection of donor areas. Thus, you can sacrifice hairs you feel you don’t need from other parts of the body. 


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