Top Features of DrChrono EHR Software in 2021

Top Features of DrChrono EHR Software in 2021

DrChrono is one of the leading providers of EHR solutions, and when you read through the best features it offers to practices, it’s easy to understand why. Here are some of our picks for the top-tier features that DrChrono EHR software has to offer. 

About DrChrono EHR Software

DrChrono EHR is software created in order to work with various different kinds of practices and provide customized solutions to match their needs. A core idea behind this software is the fact that it was built to be mobile and portable, so you can carry it wherever you go. 

DrChrono’s strongest suit is that it allows providers to access their work anytime from anywhere. With the iPad solution, you have all data in a consumable format and can spend more time with your patients providing the care that they need. 

The entire platform of the DrChrono software has been integrated so that you can get the most out of it. Not to mention, the smooth interactive experience of navigating through the software cut down on errors, wasted time, provide you with pioneering mobility. 

Top DrChrono EHR Features 

Here are some of our favorite features from DrChrono.


Working with Apple products, particularly the tablet iPad device stands out as one of the biggest features offered by DrChrono. As the company that started out integration to iPad devices, it has perfected the software to create an advanced EHR app available at the App Store for users to download and navigate. 

The software and the app allow you to integrate all the features of the app that make it stand out – whether it’s patient engagement, billing, workflow management, or more. You can also use DrChrono’s first-of-its-kind iPhone app to document encounters in an efficient way.

Electronic Prescriptions

Instead of having patients come into the clinic every time they need a prescription, you can forego the paper-dependent prescription pad and opt straight to send prescriptions straight to a pharmacy of choice for each patient. 

With the electronic prescription tool at DrChrono, you can send various kinds of prescriptions, make sure there aren’t any interactions with existing medications, locate pharmacies using GPS, and save priority prescriptions and pharmacies for each patient.

Customizable Forms

Clinical forms are an important part of your workflow and DrChrono understands that. With the software, you can have all forms easily available and accessible, created so they take less time to fill out and fit accurate information without infringing on interaction with patients.

Using one of the plans, you can also get customized medical forms, along with using older forms to create new ones with tweaks here and there. The best part is, you can also free draw to make important notes for images so no information is left out of your patient report.

Smart Notes

With DrChrono EHR software, you can really improve workflow by creating macro buttons. What do macro buttons do? Well, these are buttons to help you access saved notes that are commonly used in documentation. 

The best part is, creating a macro button is extremely easy and can be done in one simple set. Even once they are created, they can be accessed with one click whether you are using them on your desktop or iPad. 

Patient Health Record Portal

A patient portal provided by DrChrono allows you to keep up with patient communication using HIPAA-compliant technology. Using this tool, called OnPatient, your patients can sign in and set up their own appointments.

Once they come into the clinic to get started, you can bring them on board with forms that are available on your tablet device, from which information with their new (or existing) profile in your electronic health record database. 

Patient Appointment Reminders

Are you tired of having patients who miss appointments or don’t get notified ahead of them? In case you’re trying to cut down on no-shows, you’ll be excited to learn about the quick and flexible reminders offered by DrChrono. 

Text and email reminders help connect with patients regardless of their age and help to ensure that patients arrive at their appointments, don’t miss out on their schedule, and actually show up at the right time with all necessary information. 

Patient Data Flags

You can use patient flags whenever your patients visit to ensure a better relationship between incoming patients and your staff. You and the staff at your practice receive quick and important notifications about your parents on each visit.

Patient flags help you keep in mind important information every time they visit so you can provide them with the best care. The flags fall in categories that include sensitives to medications, allergies, and more. You can customize the flag to specific notifications too. 

Is DrChrono EHR Worth It?

You’ve read through all of the features of DrChrono EHR software, and you must be wondering whether it is a sound investment for you and your practice. While we can’t make a specific recommendation without knowing about your practice, we are sure that in-depth reviews and a demo will help you make a decision about whether DrChrono is it for you.

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