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Diabetes has an adverse impact on life expectancy. Studies have pointed to the fact that uncontrolled and untreated diabetes can lower life expectancy. However, the final outcome depends on the health status of the diabetic person and progression status of the disease.

Diabetes can lead to several other medical complications.  However, there are other considerations which need to be included in the final analyses to come to the right conclusion regarding the impact of diabetes on life expectancy. These considerations are severity of the diabetes, early detection or lack of awareness of the diabetes and treatment options. The response of the patient to the treatment and progress of the diabetes also determines the final impact on life expectancy.

Diabetes casts shadows on quality of life

Diabetes changes the lifestyle of the person it affects. The first restriction is diet and then lifestyle. But it also depends on the overall attitude of the diabetic person to the issue. A male who is aware of the situation can stop the progress with a healthy diet and moderate exercises.

Numerous studies and findings have come to the conclusion that a diabetic person who has done early diagnosis can live a healthy life like a normal person without diabetes. Early detection leads to change in lifestyle and diet. It also ensures that the diabetic person is taking some treatment to check the progression of diabetes.  How his body responds to the treatment is another consideration. But the fact that a diabetic person has taken the responsibility to manage diabetes is a first vital step.

A male with diabetes also has to ensure that it does not lead to erection issues. It has been observed that a male with type 2 diabetes faces erectile dysfunction sooner or later. Though doctors prescribe Generic Cialis 60 mg to overcome the erection issue, the diabetic male should get medical consultation for an effective treatment of the underlying cause.

Life expectancy

The role of diabetes in life expectancy can be gauged from the fact that it is the seventh most common cause of death in the United States. In the United Kingdom, diabetes reduced the life expectancy by at least 10 years, according to a report in 2010.

Similarly, a Canadian study also revealed the same connection.  The study found a reduction of 5 to 6 years in life expectancy of females and males with diabetic conditions. Even during the intermittent years, the quality of life could be impacted.


Impact on life expectancy can vary from individual to individual

New England Journal of medicine also mentioned that early diagnosis, proper treatment and most importantly, the change in diet and doing even moderate exercises checked the progression of diabetes.

The severity of the diabetes, how early it was detected and age and medical status of the diabetic person decide the impact on life expectancy.

With better treatment, discipline in eating and sticking to moderate exercises can increase the number of years in life. In other words, the difference between normal expectancy and life expectancy of a diabetic person comes down.

The importance of a diet and exercises is also established from the fact that doctors prescribing Glucobay 100 mg strongly recommend a healthy diet and exercises. These two steps prevent sudden rise in blood glucose levels.

Better compliance with treatment leads to improved results

A diabetic person with a healthy diet, exercises and control over smoking and alcohol consumption can expect to live close to the natural life expectancy index.  Experts have pointed out this fact by stating diabetes is a complex condition that requires continuous medical care and many supporting steps which go beyond just glucose control in the bloodstream.


Conditions affecting life expectancy

A person with diabetes only can control the blood glucose levels by treatment that is a combination of medication and lifestyle intervention.  However, it becomes a challenge if the same person is obese, has cardiovascular issues, blood pressure, or cannot control addition to smoking and hard drinking. But the control on diabetes will be the crucial factor in checking deterioration of health.

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So, diabetes has an impact on life expectancy that has been established by numerous medical studies. But it is to a great extent in the hand of the diabetic person to ensure strict compliance with medication and lifestyle changes for living a full life. Awareness of the condition, its complications and role of diet plays an important role in keeping it under control.



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