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Virtual Physiotherapy: Is Tele-rehabilitation a realistic choice?

by rebuildphysio

A virtual consultation may be a suitable fit for you if you have a new or old injury or need help on how to set up your home office. From the convenience of your own home, your physiotherapist will provide you a precise diagnosis and treatment plan for your ailment.

Your tele-rehabilitation appointment can be scheduled online. You will receive an email with a link to the virtual appointment one hour before to your scheduled session. Connect to your session via a camera-equipped laptop, desktop, or mobile device. Simply click the link to connect with your physiotherapist and schedule an appointment. Any necessary papers will be emailed to you in advance.

Your physiotherapist will do the following throughout your session:

  • examine your injury history in detail.
  • Evaluate your mobility and rotation.
  • assess your power
  • offer a diagnosis, establish goals, and lay out a detailed rehabilitation plan
  • Self-muscle-release techniques should be taught.
  • Exercises and stretches should be prescribed.

An online physiotherapy appointment will put you in touch with a physiotherapist who will be able to diagnose your problem clearly. They don’t know how long this time of self-isolation will persist, but they do know that getting treatment as soon as possible will help you recover more quickly. Waiting for an in-clinic appointment might cause symptoms to worsen, pain to grow, and compensatory movement patterns to develop. A physiotherapy consultation will offer you with a specific programme that includes posture correction, mobility exercises, and a home workout routine that is particularly effective at treating both new and old ailments.

Virtual Physiotherapy: Effectiveness

​Virtual physiotherapy offers many of the same advantages as in-person sessions. You will still work directly with your physiotherapist to discuss, examine, and diagnose your problem during a video physiotherapy session, just as you would in the clinic. From the comfort of your own home, you will develop a tailored treatment strategy to control and reduce your symptoms. This could involve assisting you with your post-surgical rehabilitation, back and neck discomfort, injuries, stiffness, and dizziness among other things.

Virtual Physiotherapy: Benefits

The potential of digital resources like as films, diaries, and reports to engage patients in their recovery were cited as key benefits of virtual treatment. In certain circumstances, online treatment is more beneficial than in-person treatment. During video consultations, some patients were more eager to learn.

​Virtual physiotherapy, often known as tele-rehabilitation, includes providing physiotherapy services via video calls. You can connect with Rebuild Physiotherapy trained physiotherapists for a one-on-one session from anywhere in Ontario, whether you have barriers that make it tough to leave your house or simply prefer the comfort of care on your terms. The same protection, quality, and levels of care apply to this sort of physiotherapy as they do to in-person visits.

Make an appointment with Rebuild Physiotherapy in Toronto for Virtual Physiotherapy.

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