What are latest hair transplantation techniques?

Hair Transplant

Hair transplant is the most effective and commonly used method to get rid of baldness. Almost every person whether men or women experience hair loss sooner or later in their life. Initially, people do not care but when the hair loss becomes severe, they look for solutions desperately because nobody wants to get bald for a lifetime. And hair transplantation is the best solution to this common problem.

With continuous research and the latest advancements, different modern techniques have been introduced to perform hair transplant surgery. Previously, the hair transplant procedure was scary and painful because it involved a lot of cutting but now cutting and incisions have been minimized in the latest techniques. In today’s article, we will discuss the latest methods of hair transplant surgery.

So, let’s begin!


Hair transplant in Dubai is a surgical procedure that works on the basic principle of collecting hair grafts from the donor area and transplanting these grafts to the recipient area where hair growth is required. The techniques of this procedure have been classified based on the method of graft extraction. The donor area is most commonly the back or the sides of the scalp. Body hair can also be used for hair transplantation surgery if you do not have enough hair on the scalp. Still, it is necessary to have sufficient hair supply in the donor area otherwise it becomes difficult to perform the surgery.


Hair transplant can be performed through the following techniques;

  • FUT Hair Transplant
  • FUE Hair Transplant
  • Stem Cell Hair Transplant
  • Robotic Hair Transplant

FUT Hair Transplant 

Follicular Unit Extraction (FUT) involves cutting a strip from the donor area of the scalp. The strip is then dissected under the microscope and divided into grafts. Each graft contains hair follicle. The required number of grafts are harvested in this manner and transplanted to the targeted area. It is also known as strip method hair transplant and leaves a scar after surgery. This method involves stitches as well.

FUE Hair Transplant 

It is a modern hair transplantation technique in which a punching tool is used to extract hair grafts which are then inserted into the recipient area carefully. It does not involve any cutting or stitching. Instead, small circular incisions are made at the donor area to harvest hair grafts. The punching tool used for extraction has a diameter of approximately 1 mm. FUE hair transplant surgery does not leave any noticeable scar.

Stem Cell Hair Transplant

It is just like the FUE procedure but uses an automated punching tool to extract hair grafts. As a result, hair grafts are collected at a quick speed. Also, in stem cell hair transplantation, a part of hair follicles is taken and not the whole follicle. In this way, the hair keeps on growing in the donor region as well. The follicle collected is replicated in the lab. The hair grafts are then transplanted into the recipient region.

Robotic Hair Transplant 

The basic principle of robotic hair transplant is that it collects hair grafts with the help of an automated robotic arm. The same arm is then used to implant the extracted hair follicles into the scalp at the desired area. In this technique, the grafts are not only harvested quickly but with great accuracy. The chance of human error decreases and the precision level decreases. The complete procedure is performed under the supervision of an expert hair transplant surgeon.


All of the techniques mentioned above are employed nowadays to perform hair transplant surgery. However, which technique suits you the best? This question can only be answered by an expert hair transplant surgeon. You can visit Dubai Cosmetic Surgery for expert advice and consultation from some of the leading hair transplant surgeons. They will examine your scalp condition and will suggest to you the most suitable technique. You can also discuss all of your concerns and hair transplant cost in Dubai with surgeons. They offer a free consultation to all the interested patients and you can book your appointment by filling the consultation form. One of their staff members will get in touch with you to schedule your appointment right away.


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