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What Are Power Chains For Braces?

by Jakeslessor

Power chains are elastic devices that connect the two main metal brackets on your braces. Their main function is to lock your teeth in place, so you won’t need to worry about them shifting around and causing discomfort or tooth damage after the braces come off. However, the colors and styles of power chain vary widely, so it’s important to choose the right one based on what’s most comfortable and attractive to you. Here’s a quick guide on power chain colors, sizes, and styles available today.


What Are Power Chain Braces?


If you’re already in braces, you’ve probably heard of power chains. What are they and what do they do? Let’s take a look at how they can help your smile. A power chain is a device that helps anchor wires or bands on top of your teeth so they don’t slide around while you eat. This can happen because as orthodontic appliances are worn over time, they loosen and become less effective. They also can get knocked out of place if you bite down too hard or accidentally come into contact with something in your mouth like an errant sweet or toothbrush bristle.


What Do Power Chain Braces Do?


Power chains are worn around your braces in order to strengthen your tooth, which is great for people who grind their teeth. The tension caused by wearing a power chain will make it more difficult to move your brace. This can be quite painful at first but it does get easier and there are many ways to help alleviate pain as you adjust. This guide will take you through everything you need to know about power chains for braces so that you can make an informed decision before purchasing them. Continue reading if you’re interested in finding out how these work and how to stop grinding your teeth! : Power chains are worn around your braces in order to strengthen your tooth, which is great for people who grind their teeth. The tension caused by wearing a power chain will make it more difficult to move your brace.


Types Of Power Chains For Braces


There are several types of power chains for braces on the market. In fact, there are as many different styles of power chains as there are variations on full-metal and partial dentures. The most popular style of power chain is made from nickel titanium, because it’s durable and resistant to wear. The next most common style is stainless steel – although a little more prone to wear and tear than nickel titanium, stainless steel has its uses. Another type is tungsten carbide – essentially a step above stainless steel in terms of durability, but one that can still be worn down by acidity. Finally, ceramic (and acrylic) chains offer high levels of resistance to corrosion; these types of products also tend to be quite hardy.


What Is Double Power Chain Braces?


If you are wearing braces and want to keep them on for a few more months, but don’t want to wear your retainers all day, double power chain is what you need. It fits behind your regular retainer and holds it snugly in place while you wear it. Unlike many other types of extra oral devices (OEDs), double power chain allows you to talk normally without interruption, since it remains behind your retainer during any normal activity. This also means that your entire mouth is working as normal and that there are no parts left exposed during function. Double power chain can be used with all kinds of braces except traditional rubber bands, which must be removed at night.


How To Choose The Best Power Chain Colors For Your Braces?


Choosing your power chain is an important step that will have a lasting impact on your smile for years to come. With hundreds of styles and colors to choose from, it can be hard to know where to start when picking out your power chain. Some patients may prefer simple, classic black chains; others may like bold, colorful choices. In reality, there are dozens of variables that go into choosing a color that you’ll want to consider before making a final decision. Some factors include: gender, age, profession and desired outcome. Of course, if you need help deciding what kind of color is right for you we would be happy to assist in any way possible!


What Power Chain Color Should I Get?


All of our powerchains are great for braces and most come in two sizes. If you have a loose link or we need to add additional links to your chain, just let us know in checkout. We’ll hook you up! Don’t forget to pick out your favorite color chain on us by using discount code: HAPPYACHEER . If you’re still not sure what chain is right for you, take a look at our What’s The Difference Between Power Chain Types guide for help. It’s also important to note that if you have metal braces with rubber sleeves, we’d recommend going with one of our Rubber Bands instead. They’re softer and won’t cause unnecessary irritation.


When Should You Get Black Power Chain Braces?


A power chain is a small rubber band that comes in a group of three or more. It’s used to keep your brace under tension at all times, ensuring you don’t over-correct your bite as you treat your condition. If you are using an over-the-counter mouthguard to treat your misaligned teeth, it may not provide enough force to move your teeth into alignment. You can buy power chains from most orthodontic practices or purchase them online .


How Long Will I Need To Wear Power Chains?


A power chain for braces is typically a small rubber band that fits around an archwire on your braces. The purpose of a power chain is to provide extra resistance to help push teeth into place more quickly. Most people need to wear them as long as they’re in treatment or two years after all braces are removed, whichever comes first. However, your doctor may recommend you wear them for a shorter time period or longer. Once you’ve worn them for two years, there should be no reason for you to continue wearing them since treatment should be complete at that point. If treatment continues, talk with your orthodontist about whether it’s necessary to continue wearing power chains and how often they should be worn.


Who Needs Power Chain Braces?


Power chains, or elastic rubber bands worn over your braces, are a type of orthodontic elastic. These work in conjunction with regular wires and bands to help improve your teeth’s alignment. Anyone can wear power chains; they’re recommended for people whose teeth need extra help moving into place during treatment (either in-office at our office or from an outside orthodontist). As a rule of thumb, if you have more than three permanent front teeth, you’ll probably benefit from these special rubber bands. This also applies to adults who have malocclusion (abnormal tooth placement) which cannot be corrected with traditional brackets alone.


Are Power Chain Braces Painful?


Many patients are hesitant to get power chain braces because they’re worried about how painful it might be. But if you have a basic understanding of how power chains work, then you can rest assured that getting braces won’t be any more painful than it would be with traditional brackets. In fact, many patients report that they don’t feel any pain or discomfort at all! That said, like anything in life, there are some things that you should do to make sure your experience is as comfortable as possible. Here are a few tips

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