What Are The Dos And Don’ts Before A CT Scan?

CT Scan

The human body is a very complex machine and requires special attention. For ages, technology has been trying hard to understand the function of internal organs, which will help medical science to understand any underlying issues and abnormalities. X-rays and ultrasounds are two of the most important techniques to detect internal issues, but sometimes, doctors need a detailed diagnosis. In such cases, the doctor often recommends doing a Compound Tomography, popularly known as a CT scan. In this process, your doctor can get a detailed and cross-sectional image of your body using a rotating X-ray machine and computer. You can have a CT Scan at any part of the body to create a detailed image of soft tissues, bones, and organs. 

Compound Tomography is a revolutionary medical science procedure that helps save patients from critical situations by providing a detailed synopsis of internal organs. The CT scan procedure is quite complex and has some guidelines that must be followed strictly. At Star Imaging and Path Lab, the staff will provide detailed guidelines so that it will be easier for you and your doctor to conduct the test.

So, once your doctor has suggested you get a Compound Tomography done, before searching for CT scan cost, you need to know the detailed preparation and processes which will help you to understand the benefits you are going to get from this process. So let us look at the process’s dos and don’ts.

CT scans are of two types one is normal, and the other needs injecting a contrast agent. Both have their own set of guidelines. Check them out.

CT Scan Without Contrast

  • Do take off your clothing and change into a gown or remove partial clothing materials.
  • Do remove any metallic jewelry, accessories, wristwatch or band, and belts; and eliminate whichever elements contain metal. The process uses a powerful magnetic field, that is why you need to set aside all metal objects
  • Don’t go for it if you have dental implants or a pacemaker placed inside your chest
  • Don’t eat or drink anything before going to a CT scan
  • Many people have claustrophobia, a condition where you might feel suffocated within a confined space. If you happen to suffer from it, then you should tell your doctor about this condition before appearing for the test
  • The process will make considerable banging or rattling noises, so in case you are uncomfortable with a loud noise, it is essential to tell your doctor, and he can suggest you wear a headphone kr earplugs in case it is causing trouble

CT Scan With Contrast

A contrast material is something that helps the doctor to identify the problematic area. So when your scan is scheduled using a contrast dye, you need to follow the following guidelines.

  • Don’t eat any solid food 4 hours before the test when you are going for an abdomen scan using contrast
  • While using oral contrast always comes one day prior to the test
  • Sometimes in some cases, doctors need intravenous contrast, and so they inject it into your veins. In that case, you need to arrive early for the contrasting process 
  • To continue with all the medications prescribed by your doctor
  • Do bring someone on the day of the city scan but don’t bring a children
  • Do tell your doctor in case you are pregnant or trying to conceive
  • Do consume clear liquor like water four hours prior to the test 
  • Do not consume any sort of hard drinks or soft drinks one day before the test
  • If your healthcare provider has asked you for a blood test to detect your allergy, then don’t forget to bring the allergy report. It will help the staff of the clinic to understand your condition and will select a dye on that basis
  • If your doctor has prescribed some medications, don’t stop unless it is prohibited

The Procedure

The process of a CT scan is quite simple. Take a look at these steps:

  • Once you are in the room for the CT scan procedure, you will be asked to change your clothing and wear a hospital gown
  • The CT scan machine is like a large ring, and once you lie down on the table, it will start to rotate within the large ring
  • The process takes between fifteen minutes to an hour to complete, so through that duration, you need to lie still and wait for it to get over
  • To communicate with the technician, there will be an intercom within the room. You can signal him in case of acute discomfort 
  • If you are having issues with loud noises, then ask the technician to handover an earplug until the process is complete
  • The process do not require any downtime. Once the process is over, you can feel free to go 
  • If the technician sedates you, then you will need some recovery time before you can leave.

After Process

Once the process is over, the technician will generate all the images and send them to the doctor for further evaluation, and the report will be generated within 24 hours. In case of an emergency, sometime you will get immediate reports just after the test, but in general cases, it takes 24 hours to get a report.

What will A CT scan reveal?

Your doctor or the healthcare provider will request a CT scan to diagnose an issue or to check your internal health. Compound Tomography allows providers to closely analyze bones, organs, and other soft tissues along with blood vessels and can also detect any suspicious growths. Things that a CT scan can find are as follows:

  • Specific types of cancer and malicious tumours or cyst within any body part.
  • Broken bones, whether it is a hairline or not.
  • Heart disorder.
  • Clotting of blood.
  • Bowel disorders 
  • Blockages
  • Crohn’s disease
  • Fatal injuries to the brain and spinal cord along with diseases
  • Internal bleeding.

Doctors or healthcare providers can also notice organs and soft tissues through X-rays. But the images produced by X-rays can overlap each other, which creates a blurring effect. Whereas Compound Tomography provides a more precise and detailed view

Factors For CT Scan

A CT scan exposes you to radiation; therefore, frequent CT scans might cause radiation damage to the cell.

Doctors do not generally recommend CT scan during pregnancy. It may cause congenital disabilities due to radiation exposure.

If you intake metformin or related medication, you should stop it before the test.


Thus you know all the details of a CT scan; therefore, just type CT scan near me in Google to get the list of nearby clinics. You can also contact Star Imaging & Path Lab to get all your medical test done at a competitive cost. They have the best facilities in Delhi, a team of experienced professionals who will guide you, make your CT scan a very comfortable experience, and deliver fast results, ensuring 100% accuracy.


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