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What are the risks of tummy tuck surgery?

Tummy tuck in Dubai

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Post pregnancy and extreme weight loss always impact women’s bodies negatively. When healthy meals and workouts can’t do anything, Most people opt for belly fat reduction surgeries like tummy tuck in Dubai or abdominoplasty.

When opting for cosmetic surgery, people make a common mistake of assuming it is magic. Never! It can never be magic. Although the clocks can be turned back for a decade after experiencing complications, no one can stop mother nature, and the results can’t be permanent. Like every surgery, a tummy tuck has risks and side effects too. Before deciding to get any, a patient must discuss everything about tummy tuck surgery, from candidacy criteria to all the risks.

Tummy Tuck Surgery

It’s a tummy rejuvenation procedure that aims to reshape the tummy appearance and reduce the size that was previously ruined and abnormal due to childbirth and weight loss. 

It’s a cosmetic surgical procedure which removes the excess skin and tissues and tightens the loose muscles, providing a slimmer and more contoured tummy.

Why Do We Need To Get Tummy Tuck Surgery?

There can be the following number of reasons a client might have excess skin on the tummy or poor skin elasticity in the abdomen, which arises the need for abdominoplasty:

  • If a person has gone through a significant change in their body weight, they might have experienced an abnormal, out of shape tummy with loose skin.
  • Pregnancy is one of the main reasons for loose skin and excess fat bulges in the abdominal area.
  • C-section surgery also negatively impacts the tummy, making it more oversized and shapeless.
  • Poor skin elasticity and fat deposits are ageing gifts to us, just like making our face look droopy.

What are the risks of tummy tuck surgery?

It’s a surgery, so it is expected to be risky and complicated with the following risks:

Common Surgical Risks

Like other surgical therapies, the tummy tuck patients can expect anesthetic effects, bleeding and infection.


It’s a condition that refers to when fluid gathers up underneath the skin. But drainage tubes are placed under the incision, so the excess liquid flows down in the drainage bag. But still, if it accumulates, the surgeon then removes it using a syringe.


A patient should be physically and mentally prepared to have scars for a lifetime. This risk can be disturbing for a lifetime, but these scars can be hidden under the bikini line. Remember that the prominence and length of scars might differ from client to client.

Tissue Damage

During the tummy tuck in Dubai, the patient might experience tissue damage or death while making incisions or tissue repositioning. That’s why smoking is prohibited, as it discourages the healing process. The damaged tissue might heal on its own or require a surgery touch-up.

Poor Wound Healing

This happens when the area around the incision doesn’t heal properly but begins to separate. 

The surgeon makes sure that the patient is taking antibiotics regularly and whether there is wound care or not.

Skin Sensation Changes

During the tummy tuck procedure, nerve damage can happen in the abdominal area during muscle tightening and tissue repositioning, most probably in the upper thighs. As a result, the patient can feel discomfort and numbness for several months.

Preparation Before Tummy Tuck

To avoid disadvantages, Preparation before tummy tuck in Dubai is necessary to prevent the risks and compilation and get the desired outcome.

  • Maintain a Balanced Weight

Remember that tummy tuck is not a weight-loss magic surgery; it only removes the extra fat bulges, and the excess skin left after the weight loss. So maintain a healthy weight 12 months before the surgery to get the expected outcome without complications.

  • Avoid Smoking

Smoking encourages complications and risks and discourages the healing process, so avoid it.

  • Avoid Certain Medications

Certain medications like blood thinners, herbal supplements and vitamin supplements must be avoided.

  • Hire Someone for care in the initial days of Recovery

The client must have Someone to drive them home and look after them in the initial recovery days. 

Tummy Tuck Surgery Aftercare

  • Your abdominal area will be completely covered with a surgical dressing. And a small tube is inserted to fluid drainage.
  • The client will be given pain killers to minimize intense pain and swelling
  • The patient is advised to continuously take antibiotics until the drains get removed.
  • A patient must wear an abdominal binder or a support garment for at least six weeks to speed up the healing.
  • The patient has to limit the activities for the initial six weeks after the surgery and should carefully move around.
  • Avoid quickly bending the waist and such activities that pressurize the wound or cause them to stretch.
  • Follow up visits are necessary to ensure that the injuries are healing properly.

Does Insurance Cover Tummy Tuck Surgery?

No. Tummy tuck surgery is not covered by insurance as there is no medical need for it, but it is done for cosmetic purposes. This means a patient will be bearing the overall treatment charges from consultation to the procedure, anesthesia, certain medications and then after therapy checkups.

Cost Of Tummy Tuck in Dubai

The charges for a tummy tuck in Dubai will differ for each client and rely on the amount of fat to be removed. Still, you expect to pay between 30000 AED to 35000 AED.

Dynamic Clinic has to say, “Dear Beautiful Mommies, Have a Slimmer Tommy”!

A woman’s body has to go through several changes throughout their life journey. The best thing is that these negative changes are not permanent. It can be altered and improved in appearance to provide you with a youthful appearance again.

Experience Tummy Tuck in Dubai and get all the details about your concerns from our well-qualified and trained surgeons.

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