What can You Expect after All-on-4 Dental Implants Procedure?

All on 4 dental implants

A couple of decades ago, there was no permanent solution like all on 4 dental implants, available for missing tooth. But with accompany of technological advancement, you can think of any such solution for your lost tooth. In fact, it not only acts as the missing tooth replacement but also retains the capability of normal functioning of the teeth as well.

It can be acquired with the accessibility of advanced dental solution known as All-on-4 dental implants. Being the most cost-efficacious solution, it caters ultimate solution to certain dental issues including severe and frequent dental infections, gum disease and loose or missing teeth.

Also, with this you can resist the further declination of the jaw bone remarkably. Do you need such implant? Before undergoing the procedure, go through this blog once to know about its expectation and recovery time!

What are the expectations post all-on-4 dental implants

The natural functional ability of the teeth can be retained with the greatest leap in dental science. Thanks to the latest technological advancement which makes it possible with efficient manner and that too by improving the aesthetic appearance of the teeth and jaw. Top dental professionals make special effort ensuring that the patients experience little to no discomfort while undergoing the procedure.

  • The healing rate and process is being monitored by arranging frequent follow-up appointments at fixed interval of time
  • Effective measures are taken to alleviate the chance of post-procedure symptoms including discomfort, irritation and infection and bleeding
  • Anaesthesia is administered multiple times to lessen the discomfort and pain during the implant procedure

How much time gums need for healing post all-on-4 dental procedure

In comparison to traditional dentures, All-on-4 dental implants merely consume that amount of time for recovery. On the other hand, traditional dentures can consume 8-month to a year to get healed completely. So with this advanced dental solution you are provided with the instant stability as the recovery commences right after the procedure gets finished.

Within a couple of weeks, the patients get back to their own track of daily lifestyle without any kind of discomfort. Yet certain precautions must be entertained so that irritation can be avoided at the incision site. As the site may make you feel tender, irritation can be a hindrance to its recovery.

  • Avoid smoking as it prolongs and hinders the healing procedure
  • Brushing is pivotal, do it gently with the help of a soft bristled toothbrush
  • Abstain from touching the tender areas as the prevention against irritation
  • On the very first day of doing the procedure, don’t rinse off the mouth by using plain water. If needed use the dentist-prescribed medicated rinse. In case minute bleeding is experienced DIY salt solution can be used for rinsing the mouth three times in a day

What can be consumed post all-on-4 dental implants?

Once you are done with this dental procedure, the dentist will advise you to follow a liquid and soft diet plan for three months. Strictly adhere to that specific diet plan as this time-window is crucial for healing and recovery of your mouth. Any sort of changes or neglect can hinder the recovery or make the thing much more complicated.

Moreover, prior to undergo permanent dental implants you will be offered with a temporary one which is not designed for biting and chewing hard foods. So, food restriction will be imposed at that time too!

Is all-on-4 comfortable to put on all day long?

The patients who are already familiarised with traditional dentures can unveil this procedure an improvised and comfortable one. Moreover these are highly secured and more stable with contrast to traditional dentures. In fact, this dental solution will allow you to enjoy every movement of your mouth including jaw and teeth as the way you want within a short span of time.

Initially, the patients have to change their daily routine slightly but can get restored to their original daily regime soon. Plus, it never requires any complex maintenance and care representing that basic oral care regimen is sufficed! These are meticulously crafted for ensuring the maximum comfort.

Over the course of time you will be able to bite with normal force with the experience of normal sensation to any flavours comprising of cold and hot.

You can get cost effective all on 4 dental implants in London. With this procedure a restoration can be experienced for your life’s quality. This procedure effectively repairs the functional ability of the entire mouth including teeth and jaw for an optimal support to the facial features.

Boost the energy and confidence level today by undergoing the procedure with an appointment. It is also advised to perform an extensive dental examination to check whether this solution will be ideal for you or not!


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