What Causes Prostate Cancer

Prostate Cancer

What Causes Prostate Cancer

You may be wondering, what is prostate cancer? We’ll start by explaining what the prostate gland is; it is a small gland present underneath a man’s bladder. It is also one of the components of the reproductive system.

If you develop prostate cancer, the growth will grow progressively. In some instances, the growth will be aggressive, and it will grow fast while spreading to other areas of the body. For such a condition to be managed well, it should be diagnosed early such that the medical practitioner will treat the tumor and come up with a suitable treatment technique.

As per statistics, prostate cancer leads to numerous cancer-related deaths annually among men in the U.S. At least one among seven men has been diagnosed with the condition. In turn, one in 39 men dies from the condition. The affected parties are mainly older men.

Prostate Cancer Causes

It is hard to determine the main cause of cancerous growth. In some instances, there are many factors involved, and some of them include being exposed to environmental toxins (either radiation or harmful chemicals) and genetics.

The genetic material and the mutations present in your DNA also play a major role in the cancerous cell’s growth. Because of these mutations, the cancerous cells might start to grow abnormally and uncontrollably. The cancerous cells usually grow and divide with time. Eventually, a tumor will develop. For those suffering from the aggressive type of prostate cancer, the cells will most likely metastasize. They might also leave the site that has the tumor and then spread to other body parts. If you were not knowledgeable about what causes prostate cancer, now you know.

The Risk Factors Associated with Prostate Cancer

Some of the risk factors include:

  • Age
  • Family history
  • Race
  • Diet
  • Geographical location

Each of these risk factors plays a key role in whether or not you’ll develop prostate cancer. We’ll now delve further into each of these risk factors.

1. Age

Age is one of the major risks when it comes to prostate cancer. The ailment can’t easily affect young men. There are different organizations whose main focus is on prostate cancer, and most of them have noted that very few men below 40 have prostate cancer. The men who are primarily affected by the ailment are 60 years old and above. Most of the prostate cancer cases in the U.S. are among men who are 65 years or older.

2. Family History

In some instances, the mutations usually bring about prostate cancer, and the genes are passed from one generation to the next. If there have been prostate cancer cases before in your family, there is a high likelihood you might also suffer from the ailment, although it’s not guaranteed. The only issue, in this case, is that you may have inherited damaged DNA.

The American Cancer Society has weighed in on the matter, and at least five to 10 percent of the man with prostate cancer developed the ailment because of inheriting damaged DNA.

The Risk Factors Associated with Aggressive Prostate Cancer

Aggressive prostate cancer is somewhat different as compared to the cancerous cells that grow slowly. There are risk factors that are associated with prostate cancer cells that grow aggressively. You will most likely suffer from the aggressive type of prostate cancer if you:

  • Are obese
  • Smoke
  • You take in high amounts of calcium
  • Your lifestyle is sedentary

Initially, certain activities were considered as risk factors in relation to prostate cancer. With time, research has unveiled that the following activities are not risk factors, and they include:

  • Having a vasectomy
  • Your sexual activity won’t increase your chances of suffering from prostate cancer
  • No link exists between prostate cancer and alcohol consumption

If you were worried about the prostate cancer causes, you should understand that each of the factors listed above, including vasectomy don’t pose a risk. However, when looking into what causes prostate cancer, smoking and being obese are among the major risk factors.

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Final Thoughts

In some instances, the prostate cancer cells might grow aggressively. The men who have been diagnosed with the condition will live for many years to come. However, the early diagnosis comes in handy such that the doctor can administer a suitable treatment option to get rid of the tu


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