What Difficulties Travelers are Facing During COVID-19


Looking for January Umrah Packages? Wait, you need to know more about the situation that has become during the covid-19. The day coronavirus spread worldwide from China’s province Wuhan, the novel virus has reached every nook of the world. There is no place left in the world where the coronavirus has not caused damage and took lives. The UK is again under a countrywide lockdown after the knock of the second wave of the coronavirus. The cases are still coming and this time the hit of the virus is stronger than before.

Is This Time Safer to Travel?

Not at all. It is said that the infection this time is much stronger than the previous one. More deaths due to coronavirus are expected because this time the virus has strengthened itself. This time is not so good to travel anywhere. We need to stay at home and take care of ourselves and our families. The elders who are vulnerable to viruses should be taken care of properly.

 The Travelers Who are Stuck at Any Place:

The travelers who were already on vacations and now stuck on the destination they were at. The trouble they might be facing there is much more. One of my friends was getting stuck at Bangkok airport earlier this year. She said “The home tickets got doubled and it was so difficult to reach home at that time. Our movement was limited to the hotel room and nothing was open outside to get to. It was such torture we have been through”.

Can You Fly in December?

This depends on the lockdown lifting. The UK is lockdown till December 1, 2020. On the first, or second it would be decided whether to open the lockdown or not. The travelers are waiting for the decision but there are fewer chances of the lockdown lifting as the cases are increasing and there is no hope for flattening the curve sooner.

What About Your Future Travel Bookings:

If you have booked your trip for January, or February, you should wait for some time because there is uncertainty and nobody can predict the future. The situation may calm down and you can travel then. But if the situation remains the same or goes worse, you should think to cancel the booking and claim for a refund. There is some percentage cut in the amount you have paid for the bookings. The airline and hotels deduct some amount mostly.

What if You Have to Travel for an Emergency?

You can claim to the state department and tell them your emergency. There is no chance but still, some flights are landing at the international airports in the UK from the USA and some Asian countries. You can get a chance to fly off but you will have to face a lot of difficulties. Long queues, the Corona test, Strict SOPs, and all that.

The Extra Hassle During the Travel in Corona:

You can have extra hassle during your travel during covid-19. The first requirement of travel nowadays is not a visa, not even your passport, but the corona certificate without which you cannot travel to the other states. You have to be tested covid negative and then you are eligible to travel somewhere. This process might be painfull for few. The other hassle can be at the airport. You may find the long queues at the airport to check your certificates, your luggage, and other credentials. You need to avoid the rush of people also because, in Standard SOPs, this is essential to keep 6 feet distance from others. You will have extra moving restrictions on the plane also. Using a mask all the time is also irritating. People get frustrated to sanitize their hands, cover their nose and face and wear the gloves all the time during travel but they have to do it. You also have to limit their movement on the destination they are going to. There might be a smart lockdown on the place and you are not allowed to the public places. There is a lockdown situation in many countries including the UK and many Asian, African countries. The UAE has recently imposed a ban on international flights because it fears the threat of coronavirus spread.

How Saudi Arabia is Still Open?

There are chances that the Saudi Kingdom go on complete lockdown after seeing the corona cases increasing day by day in other states. The UAE has decided on a travel ban, Saudi Arabia will soon decide about this decision sooner or later. For now, the Umrah and other worship are allowed in Mecca. People who got chance has visited the land of God and some were expecting their Umrah in December but bad luck. May you get a chance to travel very soon.


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