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What Does YACEP Stand for Yoga Teachers?

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Yoga is surely an exclusive path that guides you towards enlightenment and knowledge. People love performing Yoga because it invites you to dive deep into the world of spirituality and awareness. However, it is important that before you wish to participate, you must enroll in certified or Registered Yoga schools. It is a fact, too, that there are many undiscovered terminologies related to Yoga, like YACEP.

A lot of times, you must have come across this term, but do you know what it is actually and how it works, or are you eligible for that? You can read this blog carefully to find the YACEP meaning. 

What is YACEP and Its eligibility?

Basically, YACEP signifies Yoga Alliance Continuing Education provider. It is basically a designation provided by the Yoga Alliance to individuals for different teaching education courses. As per YACEP, you can easily teach courses that will be counted as continuing education hours for registered Yoga teachers.

If you are wondering whether you are eligible for this, then you must gather complete and detailed information about the same. Eventually, at this particular time, YACEP designation is specifically available for E-RYT registrants. Anyone who is registered as a Yoga teacher under the Yoga alliance must check to see if you are eligible to upgrade. Becoming an E-RYT, completing the upgrade, and soon you can add YACEP as your designation

Proper requirements for YACEP Certification

  • There are certain YACEP certificate requirements, and a few of them are mentioned here. You should know that every YACEP is needed to ensure that every individual must complete a YACEP course, class, or workshop. Now, this must include contact hours and a certificate that shows or ensures that your course has been completed.
  • Each YACEP has to understand that it is their responsibility to explore what subject matter falls in a particular educational category accordingly to YACEP designation and its rules.
  • You must know that YACEP the treatments and the diagnosis of mental or physical health would be excluded from workshops or courses.

Every certificate should include:

There are certain important things that your certificate should include. Explore more

  • Inclusion of a contact number
  • Your legal name must be exactly as per the record of Yoga Alliance. It must be in English characters.
  • In the directory of YACEP, the name of the workshop class and course must be included
  • The name of the participants must be in English characters
  • There must be a handwritten signature, and it should be attested by YACEP.
  • Proper data and time of completion of the workshop

Your expectation from YACEP

  • Complete Methodology for Asanas
  • Learning Alignment, Modifications, and Prop Usage
  • Adjusting and sequencing
  • Ayurveda and understanding the principles

Why should I sign up?

  • A chance to witness something exciting
  • You will get to interact with more students and communicate in a better way
  • There would be more exposure, and you will get a chance to promote your website
  • You will witness exponential growth

So basically, being a part of YACEP is surely beneficial for Yoga Teachers. Check out the eligibility criteria, reasons to sign up, and benefits of YACEP only here.




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