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What Is Worn Teeth and Best Possible Solutions

by Jack Reacher
Worn teeth

Worn teeth not only does affect the appearance of your mouth but also your health. It is crucial to understand the causes of tooth wear and take immediate action to stop erosion and abrasion.

Dental veneers are the best option to replace a damaged tooth. They allow you to create a beautiful smile and make it last. Encapsulation is an option for more severe cases.


What is a worn teeth health issue?

As we age, our teeth begin to wear. This is due to a decrease in the enamel which is the outermost hardest layer. A slightly worn dentition can be considered physiological. It is important to not exceed a threshold of concern.

Otherwise, minor defects can cause aesthetic and health problems. If this threshold is exceeded, it is called worn-out teeth. It is necessary to perform a type of reconstruction. This process of consumption can affect the beauty of your smile and the efficacy of chewing.

Teeth that are worn out are more sensitive to temperature changes and more susceptible to cracking and caries. They are also difficult to see, small and thin, with yellow at the edges.

The negative effects on the closing of the mouth can have a profound impact on your body. This is evident in cases like malocclusion, posture problems, headaches, and ear and sight conditions.

It is important to not underestimate the potential problems associated with wearing teeth and taking appropriate countermeasures. This is the first step to identifying the root cause of this defect. Only then can you find appropriate treatments and remedies.


Weared teeth: abrasion, erosion

There are two main causes of worn teeth: erosion, and ablation.


Dental erosion

Dental erosion is when the enamel becomes brittle from the acid substances. This can occur to gastrointestinal problems as well as feeding difficulties.

The smile dentist London Ontario specialist does not recommend consuming certain types of fruits (e.g. oranges or lemons) or drink a lot. The most likely to be caused by worn teeth is stomach acid and vomiting.


Dental abrasion

Dental abrasion is a different situation. This occurs because of mechanical reasons that are related to the rubbing of the dental arches.

This could be bruxism which is the involuntary grinding of teeth at night or during the days. It can also be caused by excessive brushing or using abrasive toothpaste. This group also includes issues with teeth that have been damaged by abrasive food.


Encapsulation or aesthetic veneers

The dentist can offer multiple options for treating a patient who has worn teeth. The best choice for a patient with worn teeth is determined by evaluating several factors, including the level of decay, causes, and overall oral health.

It is better, to begin with, an intervention that eliminates the causes of erosion. This includes intervening in nutrition, brushing your teeth, or bad habits. Do you know
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After the causes are removed, it is possible to work on repairing the damage. There are two options: dental veneers and encapsulation.


Dental capsules

Encapsulation is recommended for cases of severe damage. Using capsules can save the tooth and prevent it from being extracted. These capsules are almost identical to natural teeth in appearance.


Aesthetic dental veneers

When teeth can be treated with cosmetic dental veneers if the level of deterioration has not reached a critical level.

The veneers are applied on the tooth’s surface and allow you to restore their original form. They also provide functional and aesthetic benefits.


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