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What May Barricade In Getting An Accident At Work Claim?

by ArriusLion22
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You are on your work doing your routine tasks. Everything was going fine until a heavy object smashed into your head giving you a severe injury. If not this, then you may slip and fall from a height that injures you severely and ruins your day. Yes, accidents at work are far more common than you think especially in heavy industries and on construction sites. Yet, there is one thing that comes to your support: an accident at work claim. It is the type of personal injury claims that Broken wrist compensation for the financial losses you suffered from the workplace accident. 

However, it is not a child’s play to get this amount. Despite being your legal right, concerned people often make it a headache for you to get your work accident compensation claim. Lack of medical evidence, dealing with an insurance claims adjuster, fear of losing the job and lack of knowledge make a hair-notching situation for you. Having all these problems sometimes make you lose your nerves and people often make a mistake that adversely affects their case. Here are a few things you will have to compete with when getting compensation for accident at work. But let us know the eligibility before that. 

Are You Eligible For An Accident At Work Claim?

When making work accident injury claims, the first thing you need to know is your eligibility for the claim. The rules are pretty simple. If you have been in an accident at work where it was not your fault, you can make a work accident compensation claim. After the date you came to know about your injuries, you have three years to make your claim. If you are under 18 at the time of the accident, you have to wait until you become an adult. After becoming 18 years of age, your three years time limit for making an accident at work claim will start.

Here are a few things that may obstruct you when it comes to making an accident at work claim. 

  • Fear Of Losing Job

The first and most obvious problem is the fear of losing your job. Your accident at work claim is made against the business. A lot of people do not make their injury at work claims and remain deprived of their right to get a work accident compensation claim. However, you cannot be fired from your job for making an accident at work claim. It is your right to make work accident injury claims if you had been in an accident that injured you and the fault was not yours. You can make a successful claim for unfair dismissal if you were terminated from your job for making a claim. 

  • Dealing With Insurance Claims Adjuster

The most dreadful thing in the whole injury at work claims process is that you have to deal with the insurance claims adjuster. It is the adjuster who investigates your case and offers you a settlement amount. Never make the mistake of considering the adjuster to be your well-wisher. The job of the claims adjuster is to either refuse your claims or reduce the amount of compensation to the minimum level. 

  • Difficulty In Convincing Witnesses

Witnesses play a key role in getting your claim money. Having witnesses in your case can make it stronger and help you get your compensation for accident at work. However, when you are filing for an accident at work claim, there is pressure from your employer on your co-workers. Thus, your co-workers may not be ready to become your witness. This may weaken your case and you may even lose your claim money if they give a false statement that is against your stance. 

  • Lack of Knowledge

People often know what they are eligible for. But they do not know how to make successful injury at work claims. Having a lack of knowledge about the claims process may adversely affect your case and you may lose your claim money. However, you can save yourself from losing your claim money by hiring accident claim services. Injury claim specialists are the experts in injury claims management and know how to get the compensation for you. A claims specialist can help you get the maximum amount of compensation using the years of experience in the field.

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