What’s All the Buzz About Buy Russia White Honey

Buy Russian White Honey

Buy Russia White Honey is a divine gift for cancer patients. Definitely if you have it or know someone who has it, you know they have their shortcomings. Simply put, healing can kill you!. This kills fast-growing cancer cells, but it also kills healthy, fast-growing cells.

Buy Russia White Honey contains red blood cells and white blood cells, and the result is one of the most serious side effects of chemotherapy: a decrease in the number of white blood cells. (Neutropenia), chemotherapy may need to be reduce or discontinue. This may give the cancer time to develop drug resistance. Low white blood cell counts put patients at risk of serious bacterial infections.

How is the decrease in white blood cell count treated

Conditional decision:

Take some medicines that increase white blood cells. (They all have negative side effects.)

Blood transfusion.

Stop chemotherapy until your body can make new blood cells on its own. (At the same time, it prevents anticancer drug resistance.)
Is it possible to prevent this complication?

This is where honey comes in. Honey has been use medicinally for centuries. It is said to have antibacterial properties. Anti-inflammatory and antioxidant like me. For sore throat and sore throat, you can add honey to the tea.

Many herbs are also known to boost immunity and help fight infections, and herbs. Such as echinacea, ginseng, and echinacea have been use for this purpose throughout history. My good friends are taking these supplements before and during chemotherapy. Chemotherapy is tolerable without side effects. Although many drug and chemotherapy doses are available, some studies have shown that many herbs have minimal side effects.

A product call Russian Honey combines honey and herbs to create the benefits of both. Buy Russia White Honey is a special honey made after 30 years of clinical research and testing. Clinical studies (publish in Medical Oncology) have shown that this completely natural honey reduces. The incidence of neutropenia and chemotherapy-induce anemia.

Life Honey History

Russian White Honey was produce by Russian microbiologist Dr. Alexander Grusit after discovering a family of beekeepers in a small village in Russia during the cholera epidemic. Therefore, he began to study the effects of the diet consume by bees. Try feeding the bees a variety of plants. He continues to experiment with several plants known to boost immunity. This continue until he develop the current prescription that works for cancer patients.

Buy Russia white Honey

Buy Russia white Honey is a complete produce by bees grown with a unique combination. Medicinal plants such as Echinacea, Nettle, Marigold, Red Clover, Lotus, Ginseng, Red Clover, Melissa, Raspberry, Dandelion, Chico, Ray and Blueberry. It is a natural honey. El Campine. Fig and Beet-Contains vitamins, minerals, flavonoids and essential oils. It directly affects the immune system.

Each plant has special properties that counteract the adverse effects of chemotherapy. Such as echinacea, which is thought to strengthen the immune system. It activates the body’s non-specific immune system and prevents infection. Ginseng is a powerful modifier that can protect the body from the stress cause by drugs and radiation. Nettle strengthens the adrenal glands. This allows you to withstand more stress with less risk. Helps to nourish the immune system.

Why not take an herbal supplement?

In addition to the additional benefits of honey, bees are believe to not only integrate. The digestive process, but also enhance the medicinal properties of the plant.

The Russian Honey seems to be a very simple solution to a serious problem. If chemotherapy is need, it kills many healthy blood cells. It’s up to you to deal with the destructive process. Taking 2 teaspoons of natural honey (recommend dose) daily does not cure the disease.

However, it can play a role in reducing the number of white blood cells. Therefore, chemotherapy can kill the cancer, but it does not completely kill the cancer cells. Immune system. Buy Russia White Honey for ancient treatments and modern medical knowledge often only leads to better results.

Properties and benefits of natural honey

It is of particular value to the human body. Not only rich in vitamins but also in trace elements, enzymes and bioactive compounds. It calms the nervous system, strengthens capillaries, has an antiperspirant and diuretic effect. And can be use to treat gynecological diseases. It generally has excellent tonic properties.

In addition to the prevention and treatment of various diseases. It has been confirm that it has a relatively high enzyme activity. This means that this enzyme aids in metabolic processes in the body.

The unique feature of Buy Russia White Honey is that it can effectively improve libido and is an excellent natural solution for human enhancement. It is natural and better than Viagra and other drugs.


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