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When To Consult A Pediatrician?

by promillabutani
Pediatrician in South Delhi

Pediatricians are medical practitioners who can help maintain the overall wellness of infants, adolescents, and young adults. That is why parents need to consult the right pediatrician to get treatment for their children’s minor health-related problems to severe diseases.

What is a pediatric consultation?

As a parent, you should begin to choose your child’s pediatrician while you are still pregnant. Your child’s relationship with the pediatrician will start soon after birth. That is when your child’s visit consultations will begin. One can also consult Dr. Promilla Butani, a leading consulting Pediatrician in South Delhi with more than 40+ years of experience in child care. She is an expert in her field, has practiced in various hospitals in Delhi, and has been catering to all medical needs of newborns, infants, children, and adolescents.

A child visit is a crucial part of your child’s pediatric consultation. You will probably have to visit their clinic several times a year. So, from birth till five years of age, you will have to book an appointment with your pediatrician for regular physical checkups and counseling. During these visits, your pediatrician will help with your child’s immunizations.

Your child needs absolute attention, whether emotional, psychological, or physical. A detailed evaluation of your child’s body and mind is essential at developmental stages. Children’s growth should also be checked routinely. Childhood immunizations should be given at the proper time. The pediatrician guides these. If you notice any symptoms in your child that may necessitate medical attention, such as:

1. Recurrent Headaches: A child’s headaches can last anywhere from 30 minutes to 3 hours. Various primary or secondary headaches like migraine, meningitis, sinusitis, or tension may affect your child due to neurological issues.

2. Blurry Vision: If your child has near-sightedness and far-sightedness, it could be due to neurological issues.

3. Mumbled Speech: If your child is 7-8 months old and is not responding to sounds or cannot murmur nonsense words, it requires a neurological checkup.

4. Motor and Coordination Delay: Sometimes, babies cannot perform motor skills activities such as crawling, walking, or using fingers to grip or hold objects, necessitating the parent’s attention.

5. Drowsiness: Determine whether your baby has become drowsy and recently reduced his physical activities due to fatigue and tiredness.

6. Abnormal movements: Common involuntary movements like eye blinking, twitching of the nose, and making sounds are, in some cases, neglected. Tourette syndrome is an example of involuntary movement, which has been assessed as a neurological issue.

7. Tremors or Seizures: Children are vulnerable to febrile seizures or tremors along with fever; these are signs of neurological problems that require an immediate checkup.

8. Numbness in Limbs: Neurological difficulties in your child’s juvenility may also cause joint pain and numbness in the arms and legs.

9. Behavioral Disorders: A change in behavior in your child is noticed if he/she is suffering from hyperactivity disorder, school problems, sleep issues, intellectual disability, or other neural conditions.

10. Weakness: This symptom is problematic in children, as it may be confused with general tiredness. It may be uncommon, but many children struggle to perform easy tasks. A neurological exam may describe the source of treatments.

An underlying problem in the nervous system can cause harm to the normal growth and development of the child. Early diagnosis helps with the right care, recovery, and prevention of long-term problems. For example, you can go for a routine neurological examination if you find such symptoms in your child. These exams check the functioning of your child’s brain, spinal cord, and nerves and offer a correct diagnosis.

Prevention And Treatment Of Various Diseases:

Pediatricians not only help in treating a child’s disease but also in preventing it. That is why it is advisable that you take your child to a pediatrician from a young age. Whether it is a fever, a mild or severe injury, organ disease, or dysfunction, a pediatrician can help your child with all of these health-related problems. If your child is suffering from a congenital deformity, your pediatrician will let you know whether your child needs excision surgery.

How Can A Pediatrician Help Your Child?

Monitor Your Child’s Development: It is crucial to monitor your child’s development, and the best way to do this is by consulting a pediatrician. The pediatrician will check your child’s weight and height. Monitoring your child’s development will let you know if he/she has any developmental issues. The pediatrician will also monitor your child’s motor skills by testing their reflexes.

Behavioral And Psychiatric Therapy: There can be other issues that your child experiences apart from physical health-related problems. These could be bedwetting, learning difficulties, or discipline problems. You can consult a developmental-behavioral pediatrician to find out whether your child has any learning disabilities like dyslexia, feeding, or sleeping problems. If your child is showing symptoms of hyperactivity at an early age, you can talk to your pediatrician to find out if they have ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder). A pediatrician can suggest child psychologists who can help with mental health problems in children.

Nutrition Advice: You need to pay careful attention to their nutrition to prevent your child from getting affected by any chronic disease. If your child gets proper nutrition at a developing age, it can prevent malnutrition in children. Subsequently, it helps their physical growth and development and makes their bodies immune to disease. Pediatricians can also give you suggestions on how to deal with choosy eaters. You can consult your pediatrician for nutritional advice and ask them for tips that will help you raise a healthy kid.

Dr. Promilla Butani’s goal is to provide the best and most comprehensive pediatric healthcare to the child and help parents make informed decisions about their preventive health and safety. To provide the newborn and adolescent with the best care, consult Dr. Promilla Butani, Child Specialist in Delhi, today to seek help in treating a range of childhood issues!

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