Why does my whole body ache in the morning?


Pain is an indicator of health problem. Different pains have different meanings, If someone feels some uneasiness in the morning, it can be cause of many problems and one of them is lack of exercise.

Most people from a certain age, usually above 50, wake up in the morning with a feeling that there is pain all over the body. One may sleep as a baby in cot and wake up to the shock of pain; Right from a stiff neck and back as if it has been twisted down to aching leg joints and swollen feet. This pain can be caused by many factors such as fallen asleep in wrong posture or lack or excess of exercise before going to bed. Other causes may be consequence of some internal organ malfunctioning or some disease building up silently.

“There is always an explanation for pain, and our obligation as doctors or family care physician to find it or do everything possible to discover its origin, but it is not always something pathological”, argues the head of the Pain Unit of the Quirónsalud Bizkaia hospital, Fernando Torre Mollinedo, who attended the forum Encuentros con la Salud of EL CORREO on Wednesday to talk about ‘Pain and aging in our society’. “In fact,” he adds, “morning pains tend to have, in general, another much simpler explanation”: muscles and joints are numb from lack of exercise.

The human body has an amazing built- in- feature that triggers a warning when aging, also understood as Biological deterioration starts. Generally it is accepted that aging begins at age of 26 but some say at 30. Aging is also correlated with micro /macro environmental and social circumstances.

There is no consensus among scientists at what age the body enters the descend spiral but they are both unanimous that exercise at any age is the right action to keep muscles in good working order.  Dr. Torre Mollinedo explains “Many people say that they need ten minutes or a quarter of an hour to warm up their joints before feeling better,”

Data collected  over long period from vast study carried out  by “Pain In Europe “   spanning fifteen countries have provided disturbing information. For instance in Spain alone, one in six Spaniard i.e. 17% suffer from chronic pain. This is lower than the European average of 19%. The researchers present a disturbing report that lack of national strategy for pain care, which generates direct and indirect social spending of 16,000 Million Euros, is symptomatic of a broader health crisis.

Recent advances in Medicines have offered promise of pain relieve. But medicine alone is not always the solution. An anesthetist and specialist at Galdakao hospital argues, “There are times when discomfort becomes chronic, even if you treat it, even if you have resolved the cause that generated it,” This is experienced by 10% patients of chronic pain who underwent rehabilitation therapy. He further explains, “The most significant example is what we call phantom pain, of generally young patients , who have a limb amputated and it continues to bother them”

A hot shower in the morning is enough to provide muscular pain relief. It’s soothing, economical and relaxes the muscle with refreshing simplicity. These pains are innate to life and some warm-up to mitigate can prove helpful as much expected from medicines and Exercises. Also a healthy diet and lifestyle like cycling to work and morning walks.



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