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Health write for us- Are you looking for a guest posting prospect in this health blog? You can write for us in this Fitness Yoga and health blog. We are equipped to accept a varied variety of categories that are not partial to Yoga only. You can convert a giver for numerous other categories – health, Exercises, Dieting, Healthy Food, Bodybuilding, Workouts, Relationship, and Weight Loss, etc. 

If you are a knowledgeable outreach expert, you can reach us with Google or Bing or additional tools for discovering the chance to write for us on our blog. We cover Yoga and workout-related possessions and you can search us through with many terms – Yoga “write for us” or workout “write for us” both are appropriate here.

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We’re attentive to informative and well-written articles that stimulate our growing community of health and well-being readers.

Bear in mind that all the articles will be methodically checked and confirmed before being published. Make certain to follow our guest post proposal rules for your reference.

Guest Contribution Guidelines:

  • We only reflect the articles that are connected to Health and Wellness niche.
  • The submission must be an innovative piece of work. It should not be issued elsewhere once permitted. We will prudently check for plagiarism or any kind of copyright violation before approving.
  • If any pictures are encompassed within the post, they must not have any previous limitations to be used.
  • An author’s bio is obligatory along with the article (not required). If compromised, make sure to keep it tall and to the point.
  • We inspire counting the sources of health entitlements within the article. If you are stating any statistics or a study in your content, make sure to comprise a link to the confirmed source.
  • Not each submission will get issued as quality is our precedence. We will be pleased to appraise your topic ideas and summaries before you begin writing.
  • You can learn more about our writing style and thing format by studying this article here on our website.
  • By acquiescing your article to us, you recognize that you accept our Terms.

Submitting an Article:

Address: Submit your finalized articles to us. You will receive a reply if we are concerned about your proposal. Our editors will assess your submission, and if you are accepted as a guest contributor, we will contact you as soon as possible, constantly within 3 business days. If you are not communicated within this timeframe your submission has failed.

Length: Articles must be 1000+ words. The regular word count per article on our website is 1000+.

Format: All submissions must be inscribed in clear, usual English. Articles should be written in an informal, non-technical quality. Use brief paragraphs, which are informal to read on a computer screen. Scan existing articles to gain an empathetic understanding of the style and configuring of what we expect.

  • Must include bullet points to break up the content.
  • Use bold subheadings for long articles. They break up large paragraphs of text.

Bio: Please comprise a short bio with your Twitter knob and any other contact info. Articles cannot be acknowledged without a bio.

Topic: Anything within your know-how or notice that’s health education-related.

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