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ij.start.canon-What to Do if Printer is not working?

by cannonijstart

Canon printers are best for office use and home use with various capabilities, and one can involve its items for print, checking, duplicating, and faxing. Now and again, the printer model experiences issues in working or tasks because of interior mistakes or different conditions. In the event that your Ordinance printer doesn’t begin the printing activity, it requires investigating. Track down the specific reason for the printing not beginning and resolve it by making a suitable move. See underneath for potential solution with ij.start.canon.

Check Connections

Associations are vital in any machine, so Standard printers are likewise expected to safely interface. Guarantee the Canon machine is connected accurately to the power switch and PC or another device. If not, reconnect every one of the links and associate the printer. Press ON and see regardless of whether the power light glimmers. Trust that the POWER light will be steady.

Is your Standard printer associated with a PC or different devices?

On the off chance that your printer isn’t associated with a PC or a device, your printer won’t print anything. You can utilize a USB link or WiFi to interface your PC and printer. Whenever associated, disengage the USB link and fitting one side into the Standard printer and the opposite side into the PC USB port. Really take a look at the accompanying;

  • On account of a hand-off device, for instance, a USB center, separate the transfer device.
  • From that point forward, interface the Standard printer to the PC and have a go at printing a record once more.
  • At the point when the printer begins typically, it shows that your hand-off device has an issue. You ought to contact the device’s merchant.
  • In the event that a USB link has an issue, changing the cable is better. So supplant it and retry the printing capability.
  • On the off chance that in the event that the printer is over a LAN, interface the printer to the organization with a LAN link.
  • Set up the organization use accurately.

Direct Association

  • Open your Standard printer model.
  • Open the Home screen.
  • Tap on the WiFi symbol situated on the lower left.
  • You can choose Device settings > LAN settings > Change LAN.
  • The Change LAN show and choose Actuate Direct Interface.
  • Pick Yes and see the identifier or SSID.
  • Your PC will distinguish the Canon printer model and tap alright.
  • Go to Settings and empower the WiFi and select the printer series.
  • Enter the secret word, interface a printer device, and begin printing/checking.

If you have any desire to change the immediate association setting, follow the beneath steps;

  • Tap setup on the home screen of the ordinance printer.
  • Open device settings > LAN settings.
  • Select Different Settings and tap on Direct association settings.
  • Press HOME to return.

Check Paper Settings

The paper settings ought to match the data you set for the tape. The befuddle setting of paper and the tape makes blunders and shows on the touch screen. It brings about no printing issues.

Embedding the tape with stacked paper shows you the enlisted paper data. Here, you can change the paper settings. From setup and device settings, you can change tape settings. Subsequently, keep paper and tape settings equivalent.

Clear Unnecessary Print Jobs

The Ordinance printer briefly saves the Print Occupations prior to printing a report. Some of the time the print occupations list turns out to be more and influences the printing speed. Accordingly, you ought to clear pointless print occupations utilizing the beneath steps;


  • Explore to the taskbar and open Ordinance IJ Status Screen.
  • Click In plain view Print Line to open the print line.
  • Open the printer menu and snap on Drop All Reports.
  • Click Yes to erase the pointless print work.


  • Open Framework Inclinations on your macOS.
  • Open Printers and Scanners list and select your Ordinance printer model.
  • Click Open Print Line and pick the print occupations that require erase
  • Click on the erase symbol to clear print occupations.

Set the Right Printer Port

Assuming the printer port is erroneous, your printer won’t take print orders. To set the right port settings,

  • In the first place, open the device and printers list.
  • Right-click on the Standard printer symbol and select Printer properties.
  • Select the Ports choice and set a port.
  • Reinstall the MP Drivers.

The progression in innovation has made a machine called a printer to print, output, and duplicate records. Different elements are accessible in the Ij.Start.Canon G2010 printer.

Group printers can print reports up to 7000 full-variety sheets and 6000 high-contrast sheets. Group Pixma printer is great for clients to meet their business prerequisites or other printing errands.

This printer can print limitless A4 sizes. Ordinance make has planned a Pixma G2010 Inkjet Printer ink tank with an enemy of spill bottle plan. The new improvement of Canon is to construct a reduced printer body to work with the client to focus.

Features of IJ Start Canon G2010

A few elements of the Canon G2010 printer are given beneath to investigate the IJ Start Canon G2010 printer.

  • High-page yield ink bottles
  • Bound together ink tank frameworks
  • The spill-safe ink bottle plan
  • Report and photograph quality printing
  • New plan board for less difficult activity

Methods to Configure IJ Start Canon G2010 on Windows?

A few steps are given below to set up the Canon G2010 printer on Windows.

Installation Procedure

  • Download the file
  • Then, do a double-click, and installation will continue automatically

Canon G2010 Scanner Driver

  • Assume the working framework is redesigned and the scanner ij.start.cannon is introduced, start filtering subsequent to tapping the Scan button in the wake of refreshing. Reinstall scanner driver
  • This establishment doesn’t finish after connected through a USB link and turning on
  • Power Supply once more
  • Introduce the MP driver once more, and change the association technique.

Methods to Set Up Canon Pixma G2010 Printer on Mac

Some troubleshooting steps are given below to configure Canon PIXMA G2010 Drivers Download on Mac.

Installation Procedure

  • Download the record
  • Tap double tap on the downloaded record and put it on a circle picture
  • Do a double tap on the mounted plate picture
  • Do a double tap on the bundled record in the envelope. Establishment starts naturally.

How to establish a printer with driver downloads

  • Access the IJ Start group printer’s site for Canon PIXMA G2010 Drivers Download which matches your printing type. There are different drivers to guarantee that you don’t choose some unacceptable drivers on this site.
  • A downloaded driver is typically a WinRAR, so you want programming Winrar to get the record. Do a right-click on the record and press extricate here.
  • Find the Setup File and afterward do a double tap on the record to start the establishment the cycle
    Continue the framework with the goal that drivers are introduced flawlessly
  • When you start your framework, couple the printer with your framework utilizing the default link to analyze in the event that now the PC can recognize the Canon Printer Drivers.

For printers, utilize a remote association framework. Presently, you can utilize your ij.start.cannon. You can likewise design the printer remotely through a USB link to interface with Mac.

If you have purchased a Canon printer, then you have made the smart choice. However, to get your printer device running and functioning smoothly, users must visit Ij.start.cannon.

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