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Principle And Function Of Smart Neck Massager

by arshine

The  Smart Neck Massager  is a massage instrument that combines four kinds of physical therapy methods: medium and low frequency electrotherapy, magnetic therapy, infrared thermal moxibustion and pillow traction. Next, Arshine will tell you about the principle and function of the Neck Massager.

  1. The principle of Neck Massager

Neck massagers use digital technology, which is widely used in   the healthcare industry today. The Neck Massager and neck massager can stimulate and regulate the biological effects of the meridians, guide the circulation of qi and blood, improve the internal environment of the human body, and change the state of qi and blood disorders in the lesion area, so as to achieve the effect of treating both the symptoms and the root causes.

The working principle of the neck and shoulder massager is that the electromagnetic massager is mainly composed of an iron core, a coil, a vibrating spring sheet and a massage head. When the coil on the fixed iron core is connected to the alternating current, an alternating magnetic field is generated. Under the action of the magnetic field force and the vibrating spring sheet, the massage head vibrates repeatedly. The vibration frequency is generally 100Hz, and the input power is 10-15W. The method of changing the vibration intensity is to change the iron core gap or current intensity, and the other is to change the vibration frequency.

  Second, the function of Neck Massager

1. Improve blood circulation

The massager promotes blood circulation and metabolism, thereby improving sleep, so that the brain can get sufficient oxygen, making you refreshed and clear; according to the traditional meridian theory, absorb the essence of Tai Chi, Qigong and other health care methods, and apply abdominal breathing. included in it. Eliminate the pain caused by poor blood circulation all year round.

2. Treatment of various acute and chronic diseases

The massager can treat diseases such as low blood pressure, rheumatism, arthritis, frozen shoulder, lumbar muscle strain, neuralgia, irregular menstruation, impotence, sexual function decline, etc., and the effect is remarkable.

3. Beauty effect

Weight loss (regulate human endocrine system, improve human immunity, promote fat emulsification, decomposition and metabolism, so as to achieve the purpose of reducing fat and weight loss), postpartum abdominal relaxation, breast augmentation, facial acne, etc. Burn fat and lose some weight.

4. Eliminate physical fatigue

The massager can eliminate fatigue and target all kinds of physical discomfort: general fatigue, neurasthenia, low back pain, shoulder and neck pain, leg pain, etc.

The cervical  Neck Massager  has a good effect in relaxing muscles and improving blood circulation. Its technical level is also relatively advanced, and it is a good choice for contemporary home therapy.


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